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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Wage Protection for Household Maids in Saudi; Employers to Issue Prepaid Salary Cards

The implementation of 13th phase of Wage Protection Scheme (WPS) has already started in Saudi Arabia last February 1, 2018.

WPS is considered as a salary protection plan and is mandated to do the following;
  • Mandates the establishments to provide a proof of payment for worker's wages
  • Monitor wage payment for all workers, both male and female, locals and expatriate
  • Determine the extent of establishments' obligation to pay job salaries on time and the agreed value
  • To ensure the regular payment of worker dues or salaries
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According to ministry spokesman Khaled Aba Al-Kahail, part of this new phase are 14,000 entities, employing a total of 477,402 workers, or 30-39 workers each.

The WPS was first introduced in the Kingdom for all companies with over 3,000 employees in September 2013.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development has again called for individual employers to issue prepaid payroll or salary cards to domestic workers as soon as they arrive in the Kingdom.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, in order to get a prepaid payroll card, the sponsor or employer must register for the service at the bank. Then the employer must create an electronic recruitment contract in Musaned online portal — Here the sponsor can specify the monthly salary of the workers before saving the contract on the website and printing a copy.

It is explained that WPS covers all kinds of domestic workers in the Kingdom that aims to protect the rights of both employers and workers, improve work circumstances for domestic workers, increase their job security, and promote the principles of human rights in Saudi Arabia.

Both parties can report violations or problems through the customer service call center at 19911.

According to the ministry, the Wage Protection Program will guarantee the best income protection for all workers, since their salaries will be transferred to their bank accounts.