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Friday, March 31, 2017

Want To Get Married at the Philippine Embassy? Here's How To Apply.

The month of June is near, which means it's wedding season everywhere.

So if you and you're hubby are planning to get married this year, but you are currently working or living abroad, read this guide on how to apply for and get married at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Solemnization of Marriage at the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, 2011

The steps are similar in every Philippine Embassy with only minor differences in fees as well as country-specific requirements.

Take note that not all Embassies and Consulates are allowed to solemnize a marriage. The ceremony is performed by the authorized or duly commissioned consular officer within Embassy premises. Also, marriage can only be between Filipino nationals, one male and one female, even in countries where same-sex marriage is allowed. Inquire at the nearest embassy for clarification. 

The General Requirements for Marriage at the Philippine Embassy (Riyadh)are:
  1. Original Birth Certificate from NSO, authenticated by DFA Manila.
  2. Original Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) from NSO
    • within 6 months validity at the time of application, authenticated by DFA Manila
  3. IF aged 18 – 21 years oldParental consent, notarized and authenticated by DFA Manila
  4. IF aged 21 – 25 years old: Parental advice, notarized and authenticated by DFA Manila
  5. For Widow/Widower (Balo): NSO issued Marriage Contract and Death Certificate, both authenticated by DFA Manila
  6. IF Annulled from a Previous Marriage: NSO issued Amended Marriage Contract as well as Certificate of Finality of Decision and Court Order, both authenticated by DFA Manila
  7. Passport copy of each party (data page only).
  8. (2x2 photo) 2 pcs. for each party. (smile, these will be posted in the embassy website)
  9. Application FORMS for Marriage: Available in the Embassy website These forms are embassy specific. Check the Philippine Embassy in your country for their forms. THESE FORMS SHOULD BE TYPEWRITTEN (EXCEPT FOR THE SIGNATURES) WHEN BROUGHT TO THE EMBASSY, TO MINIMIZE ERRORS AND FOR LEGIBILITY
    • Application for Marriage License
    • Marriage License
    • Joint Affidavit
    • Public Notice
    • Applicant’s contact details

Wedding at the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, 2013.
The Venue Was Moved to the Underground Parking Area. The Main Hall Was Allotted for Passport Renewal.

For NSO documents, you can easily order them online thru e-census. They accept payment via online banking and the fee is PHP315 per document. Courier services can also be requested.

All DFA notarized and authenticated documents mean they have to bear the Red Ribbon as seen below:

If you're currently abroad, have the documents delivered to your home and ask a relative to get the necessary authentications at DFA Manila. A Special Power of Attorney may be needed. Have the documents sent to you via travelling friends, relatives or via courier service.
Philippine Consulate Dubai Wedding, 2016

The Procedures for Application for Marriage at the Philippine Embassy (Riyadh)are:
    1. Once all documents are ready, submit the required documents to the Consular Section (Counter No. 4). Personal appearance is required for both parties.
    2. Pay the required fees at the cashier. Take the receipt and submit it to Counter 4.
    3. Check the Embassy's Marriage Applications Page after a few days to see if your public notice has been posted. Once your wedding announcement is up on the page, you can call the consular office to arrange the schedule of your wedding. The date must be beyond the prescribed 10 days from the initial publication of your Application to Marry. (Example: If your public notice is posted January 1, you can call them on the same day to schedule your wedding, but the earliest wedding date has to be January 11 to comply with the 10-day requirement)
    4. Service Fees are:
        1. Joint Affidavit: SR100.00
        2. Application for Marriage License: SR100.00
        3. Marriage Solemnization: SR 240.00
    5. (Partial payment of SR200. upon submission of all the requirements.)
      (Full payment of SR240. on the day of solemnization). Total= SR440.00
    6. You are allowed a maximum of four (4) guests to bring with you to your wedding. This, however, is flouted easily by friends who pretend to enter embassy premises for other appointments or services.
    7. Marriage ceremonies at the embassy (Riyadh) is held every Tuesday and Thursday only. This means there is a big chance that you will share the moment with five or more couples saying "I do's". Be on time, It's your wedding so don't be late.
    8. Dress code:
      • Bride - Formal/Semi-Formal dress or gown
      • Groom - Barong Tagalog/Business suit/Long-sleeved shirt with tie
    9. The ceremony itself is done under an hour, faster if there are fewer couples tying the knot. You will get the Marriage Certificate complete with Red Ribbon after the ceremony.
    10. In Saudi Arabia, you need to have the Marriage Certificate translated to Arabic, and stamped by the Embassy in order to be accepted by the government.

Some notable difference in other countries are listed below:
Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden
  • Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage for each of the contracting parties is required. Oobtain the list of requirements for the issuance of a legal capacity to contract marriage from the Consular Section of the Philippine Embassy.
  • Should one or both of the contracting parties be 25 years or below, the marriage license shall be issued after three (3) months from the completion of the ten (10) day publication of the application, unless the contracting parties obtain a certificate from a marriage counselor duly accredited by the proper Government agency in the Philippines to the effect that the contracting parties have undergone marriage counseling. The certificate must be notarized and authenticated by the Office of the President and the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila

  • Names of two (2) witnesses above 21 years of age
  • Three (3) photocopies of witnesses’ identification cards (passport, residence permit, etc.)
  • Personal appearance for interview with the solemnizing officer


  • Due to the infrequent requests for Solemnizing of Marriage in the US, applicants are urged to directly contact Consular Jurisdictions covering their State. See here.  

  • Letter of No Objection to Marry issued by the employers of both parties.

  • If parent is based in UAE, personally appear at the Consulate to execute affidavit of parental consent/advice. Bring copies of valid passport and visa page.
  • Passport must be reverted to bride’s single or maiden name prior to submission of application - in cases of previous marriage being annulled OR previous husband's death.
  • If the applicant whose current residency is outside UAE and Philippines, submit Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage (LCCM) certificate issued from the Philippine Embassy/Consulate which has jurisdiction over the place of residence.

  • If the deceased spouse is Japanese, please submit Family Registry (Koseki Tohon) of the deceased spouse.




8 Bungalow Home Blueprints and Floor Plans that Combines Style and Comfort + 7 Advantage of Bungalow Living

When building a house, design is important, but as a homeowner, you must consider also the advantage of living in a house with a specific design.  For example, you want to have a bungalow house because of its design, but don't you know that there is a surprising advantage in living in it?  Here are the Seven Surprising Benefits of Living in a Bungalow House and some beautiful pictures of Bungalow houses that combine style and comfort. (Photos from homily)

When building a house, design is important, but as a homeowner, you must consider also the advantage of living in a house with a specific design.

For example, you want to have a bungalow house because of its design, but don't you know that there is a surprising advantage in living in it?

Here are the Seven Surprising Benefits of Living in a Bungalow House and some beautiful pictures of Bungalow houses that combine style and comfort. (Photos from homily)

1. Great for Seniors.
We have to accept it, all of us will grow old and became a senior citizen. If you want a house that is for keeps, consider having a one-storey layout of a bungalow. The design has a perfect living situation for seniors. Homeowners even in senior age can maintain independence with this accessible floor plan. Bungalow living is an advantage too for those who have hip issues, having to navigate up and down stairs daily can be quite taxing.

2. Accommodate Mobility Limitations
Bungalows are great homes for individuals with mobility limitations. People with wheelchairs or stretchers can move easily and comfortably accessing different areas of the house even without the help of other family members.

3. Kid-Friendly Living

Bungalows are a perfect fit for families with young children. Having your young children tumble down the stairs is a common fear for many parents, but even just having the kids playing on a different floor can be a cause of worry. With this, Bungalow is considered to be a family-friendly house.

4. Open-Plan Design
Many people enjoy the bright, spacious, and open feel of bungalow living. With the right layout, everything feels airy and sunny as opposed to other home designs that might feel cramped and dim. 

5. Privacy
Bungalows are often built on nice large lots. As opposed to townhomes and split houses, bungalows offer a lot of privacy. You will love and appreciate a nice wide lot with a gorgeous backyard, especially in the summer.

6. Flexible for Additions
There’s an added benefit to the large lots on which bungalows are usually built. You can provide a space to accommodate additions if you want to expand your living space in the future.

7. High-Demand for Resell
Because bungalows offer so many great benefits, they are always in high-demand. Should you ever decide to place your bungalow on the market, there will be much attention. Put yourself in an advantageous position should you ever decide to move on and sell your home by choosing to buy a bungalow.