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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Thoughtskoto or is a couple's blog originally based in Saudi Arabia. They started blogging in 2005. Currently, they blog about valuable info's for Filipinos at home and abroad. They have a volunteer radio segment at RADYOOFW every Tuesday, 9PM, and the JBSOLIS site has a total pageview of over 292 Million as of June 11, 2017.

Philippines = 104,787,921
Saudi Arabia = 53,790,137
United Arab Emirates = 22,712,551
Hong Kong = 13,678,008
United States = 10,296,713
Qatar = 10,165,031
Kuwait = 9,705,143
Singapore = 7,612,629
Taiwan = 4,948,661
Canada = 4,183,771

This blog is manage by Mr. and Mrs. Thoughtskoto along with other several OFW and former OFW bloggers. Currently, this website has 7 authors and 2 editors.

Mr. Thoughtskoto in the blogging world or "Kenji" Solis is a Filipino, and a senior chemist based in the Middle East. He has spent more than a dozen of years working in research, power plants, oil, water treatment and beverages and food processes. More recently, he is playing in a conforming lab as household chemicals and cosmetic chemist. He is also one of the organizers of PEBA, or the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards, Inc, a duly registered non-profit, non-stock organization dedicated to helping OFWs around the world through social media. 

"The data's and metrics are not that much, but our online presence and blog is not to win awards, gain glory or earn money, but to touch lives and inspire others, 'to do good continually' and to live life to the fullest, loving without expecting anything, learning the good things, and leaving a lasting legacy. 

This is our HOME - I hope you'll be inspired and enjoy!"


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Mom and I

Hey, this poem was kinda old since I sent it to special friends
last October, 14 years after Mom died. I just decided to post it in here.

Hope you'll like it.

My Mom and I 

By : Mr. Thoughtskoto 

(This poem was an official entry to the International 

New Era Magazine Writing Contest, October 1998) 

You feed my soul,

And let me grow.

Tender hands,

Voice that soothes my ears,

Lay me down.

Help me stand.

Hold me up.

Then let me go…

The years pass by…

I am feeding you now,

Am still growing.

Rough hands.

Words that commands love and respect.

Lay you down in your bed.

Help you stand with your cane.

Hold you up that you'll not fall.

Then you're gone…


The years will never end…for us 

---The first line talks about my Mom, who she was, and what she did to me, to us all in the family. The second line talks about me, when she was stricken with cancer. What I did to her, and what I thought and felt for her, that's why it was entitled " MY MOM AND I."

Today, exactly 14 years since she was gone, I can only look back with so much gratitude to God for guiding us and even sometimes taking us by the hands and leading us to the right way. 

I am sharing this poem to you, 7 years after it was first composed dedicated to my friends, to the great mothers, and mothers-to-be in this world. Next to the love of Christ, for me, the greatest love here on earth is the love of a mother! Great Kudos to all of you!