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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Elevated 2-Bedroom House Design With Front & Back Balcony

A porch may not cover a large area in your house, but it will add beauty to your home, aside from the fact that it is a valuable storage space. It may serve as a perfect place to keep items you may not want inside your home. Particularly if your front door leads straight into a lounge or kitchen, a porch offers a handy extra space between the outdoors and your living area.

If you like to have a house with one porch how about having two? A porch in your front and back? Just like the elevated house plan from TP5 Home. The house interior is composed of two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a living hall, kitchen, and dining area. 

You need to have an 11.2 x 12.50 meters home lot to build this one and the elevation is 0.80 meters.


The total area of the house is 81 square meters and it has a 21.1 square meter front porch living area while the backyard porch is 10 square meters.

Porches are practical and many people choose to have them mainly because of their aesthetic appeal. Even a simple porch like this one can boost the curb appeal of your home, creating a handsome and welcoming entryway instead of just a plain front door. 


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