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Friday, September 04, 2020

10 Best One-Story House Plan With Flat Roof Design

Flat roofing is usually found on commercial buildings before, rather than in residential houses, but this does not mean you cannot have a flat roof constructed on your home.  Nowadays there are many modern houses erected with a flat roof. If you are planning to have this roofing system on your own home, there are several things to consider such as materials, weather, and maintenance.

Here are 10 beautiful modern houses with a flat roofing system.


House Design No. 1 

A U-shaped house plan with a flat roofing system. This house is spacious for your mid-sized family since it is designed with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Building a flat roofing system is relatively easy since it is cost-effective and it is easy to find a skilled roofer and home builders with rich experience of installing flat roofs.  In this particular design, aside from the main roof, another flat roof is installed as the expansion of the house for a car parking area. 

For house construction of this plan, you need at least 21 by 19 meters minimum land size while the construction budget is $63,000.


House Design No. 2

Another beautiful modern house with a flat roofing system. Although flat roofs require a bit more maintenance than the traditional slope or pitched roof, often this is just a result of poor installation and incorrect design of the roof, rather than the flat roof itself. Aside from its modern roofing system, this house plan is made beautiful by its simple design with stone cladding decor on the front and of course its glazed windows and doors. 

This boxy modern house plan is designed to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The minimum land requirement for the construction of this one is 14.50 by 18 meters while the construction budget is $51,000.

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House Design No. 3

 If durability is important to you, then a flat roof is just the system for you. A flat roof is water-resistant, so you do not have to worry about water damage. If you are using a flat concrete roof, then you are using a roofing system that holds up against heavy winds. The risk of a fallout decreases when you opt for a flat roof on your home. If you are looking for more house designs with a flat roof, you may consider this house plan that is comprised of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The minimum land size for this one is 13 by 17.50 meters while the construction budget is $46,000.

House Design No. 4

By using a flat roofing system, it is easy to have a modern and stylish facade. Take for example this house plan. Additional flat roofs are being installed on the balcony and the terrace making this house standout with its glass windows and doors. Also, you may easily convert your flat roof into a terrace garden or outdoor entertainment area. This modern house plan is composed of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The minimum land requirement for this one is 11.50 by 18.50 meters while the construction budget is $46,000.

House Design No. 5

Flat roofing is just easy to construct and also easy to repair. This means that when the problem arises, you can have your flat roof fixed without breaking the bank or putting a lot of stress. In this house plan, four different sizes of flat roofs are being installed as the innovative design of modern experts that usually include the timeless elegance of flat roofs. It is no wonder that they are making a noticeable comeback in contemporary or modern residences. 

As to this house plan — a three-bedroom and one bathroom are good enough for small families. The minimum land size required is 13 by 16 meters while the construction budget is $39,000.

House Design No. 6 

Many flat roof houses inspire with their perfect combination of minimalism and luxury. In this example, you can see a house plan that's open, spacious, and offers a fantastic view of a beautiful terrace with a pool. A modern house plan that is consists of three bedrooms and one bathroom. The minimum land size needed for this house is 13 by 18 meters while the construction budget is $42,000.

House Design No. 7 

Bear in mind that a flat roof is easier to reach than the most system, which makes the maintenance easy. In this plan, the house is surrounded by a beautiful garden, this dream flat roof home combines natural charm with innovative design. The slope of the roof, the open spaces, and a small terrace in front of the house all add to its charm. Three bedrooms and one bathroom house plan that you can build in a 13 by 17 meters land size with a construction budget of $40,000.

House Design No. 8

With its innovative shape and one-story structure, this house impressed us. Through the front windows, you have not only a fantastic view but also a bright and welcoming ambiance. A one-story residential house with a flat roof and comprised of three bedrooms and two bathrooms in a total living area of 97 square meter area. The construction budget of this one is $45,000.

House Design No. 9

For a house with a flat roof, one often does not need more than one floor, because the rectangular construction offers sufficient space for all rooms. Due to the glass on the front facade, all the rooms have a bright ambiance and the residents, a beautiful view! This house plan is spacious to have four bedrooms and two bathrooms while the construction budget is $52,000.

House Design No. 10

A flat roof house in which the whole family feels good can be seen in this example. Numerous windows allow for a bright ambiance in the living spaces, while a cozy garden provides ample space for relaxation and play for both the adults and the children. This house plan is designed to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms in 97 square meter total living area. The construction budget for this one is $49,000.

Which of these flat roof houses would you like to copy? 

You can also watch these houses in this video!



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Unknown said...

really nice view but in most cases in malaysia we have small frontal land view thus we make it to the back or parking at side level.
anyway thanks alot guys...

Jose R. Welke said...

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Abey said...

So magnificent one story flat roofing building plan and design you explored before the new house seekers.The design and outlook seem so so gorgeous that it's difficult to praise just only few words. Seriously, all the house look very beautiful and eye-catching. Yeah, though flat roof house needs some extra maintenance, it's really durable. I appreciate your wholesome job.