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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The PEBA Awards Day Live in Solises Home

Today, I woke up and found two kids beside me, it was almost 5:00 in the morning and I heard the prayer call. I checked our living room and found someone there who didn't sleep, and is exactly on the same place where we left him last night. My nagging personality surfaced, because I know he didn't sleep for a single minute as he and all the volunteers abroad and in Philippines tried to coordinate online to finish other things for the PEBA Awards today. I even said he should stop doing it, he's been up late almost every day for the past days, weeks, month maybe or entire year, either looking for volunteer, sponsor, coordinating with them. I lost track already what is going on, although he often speaks of it to me when I ask him to just keep talking to me or tell me what happened to his day. 

Kenji Welcome Speech at the 2012 PEBA Awards shown at the Ramon Magsaysay Hall, SSS Center, East Avenue Quezon City

The kids are actually having cold and cough, and both kids are restless during the night specially if their beloved father who pampers them every minute is not in bed to rub their back as they sleep. But last night I had them both locked inside the room, as requested by the father so he could finish what he is doing online and he will follow us in the room. Anyway, I'm sure he did not follow us in the room because he cannot make excuse when I found him this morning. 

Anyway, I nagged at him and told him he should not go to work, and should sleep because it could be very dangerous for him to drive if he is sleepy. Of course he could tell that I'm mad, so he went to sleep at around 5:30 in the morning- he is so early in bed! Got up at around 9:00 (I'm actually doubting if he really slept because I saw him doing something in his phone hidden under his pillow)and snuggled the two kids who still have cough and cold.

He prepared for work, and went back to work on his laptop.  You know what that is!

The little girl, in her desire to use the laptop did almost throw him out of our front door telling him to go to work, while the little boy cried and clung to his pants. 

So he gave me task to watch the streaming of PEBA and keep updated the PEBA page regarding the event. In my protest, he showed me this and that which I still didn't get, things that made my world of cleaning the mess, doing the laundry, preparing the meal, bathing and caring for the kids even more complicated TODAY. We'll I think I'm writing in this blog to whine and whine about PEBA and him. 

But I'm an obedient wife, so I tried to do the task given. As I watched the streaming, I heard some conversation on the background about the gift packs, what those bags contain, how to join the blog, and I'm starting to be really intrigued who's that woman talking to Pete and their conversation about PEBA's service programs and many more. Then I also watched the giving of awards, and of course the sayawit kids, and although I'm always interrupted by the kids because they need this and that and that the boy is messing with her or he is doing something "horrible", I didn't miss hearing the applause and cheers of those who won prizes. There are many who attended as representatives, and went home with major awards, some went home with raffle prizes, some who enjoyed the free refreshments while watching. But I know for sure, there are kids who are not there, they don't have resources to watch the program online or go there personally, but they sure are grateful for this event. There are those who may not have an idea that this organization exist but one there is one thing I'm sure of now. It touched my heart because this event brings hope for some kids so they could attend school, and others who may be needing help this coming year 2013. I almost cried because I know there isn't just one person who is willing to stay up late and face my nagging, but there are many volunteers who stays up late in their own time zone as they try to coordinate with other volunteers in bringing events like this into success. These volunteers receive no remuneration, some even use their own resources and they are always willing to give their time, and talent without asking for recognition. Through them PEBA got into its 5th year, there are happy kids who goes to school, there are some OFWs that were helped. 

I salute PEBA, and its volunteers and grateful to the sponsors and partners too.

By the way this is Mrs. Thoughtskoto posting while my boy sleeps on my other arm. lol

PEBA Profile Video prepared by a volunteer named Agcol d Imbisibol an OFW from Riyadh


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our Quest For Light and Fluffy Banana Cake

I love cooking and doing stuffs in the house. My husband always tells me to keep a record of my recipes specially the cakes so my daughter could have it when she grows up and I could pass it on. So here I am starting a blog exclusively about my home making adventure while we are here in Saudi Arabia and how we are trying to live providently as we adjust to the cultural differences and market availability of certain foods we used to  love.

The thing about my love for baking cakes is I keep on experimenting how to substitute and make the usual basic recipes a healthier version until I come up with my own recipe. Sometimes I also lose tract of the recipe and I have to keep going experimenting again. Hopefully blogging about it can help me not to lose my notes.

Banana cake is one of my dear husband's favorite cakes. I also love making it because I hate throwing the overripe bananas that we have on our table.

For years I've been trying the best recipe for banana cake. Usually, I end up with the yummy but overly dense and super moist ones which is not my favorite.

Today as I try substituting and experimenting on recipes I end up with a healthier version of super light and fluffy banana cake that calls for yogurt, and canola oil which I think is healthier compared to the other recipes that call for butter.

For the recipe you can visit my blog here.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Mom and I, 20 Years Passed.

My Mom and I

July, 1999, Written While Serving as a Lay Volunteer at Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental (this poem was an official entry to the International NEW ERA Magazine Poem and Writing Contest, 1999) This poem reflected my feelings for 3 months I lived in the hospital with my Mom who battled Breast Cancer and stayed there October 24, 1992, the day she left us to a much better place, exactly 20 years ago.  

You feed my soul,
And let me grow.
Tender hands,
Voice that soothes my ears,
Lay me down,
Help me stand,
Hold me up.
Then let me go…

The years pass by…

I am feeding you now,
Still growing,
Rough hands,
Words that command love and respect,
Lay you down in your bed,
Help you stand with your cane,
Hold you up that you'll not fall,

You are gone now… but
The years will never end…
for us...

Read more here


Saturday, July 21, 2012

OFWs launch global protest vs PhilHealth premium hike


JULY 20, 2012 – Overseas Filipino Workers will use Facebook and Twitter to protest the impending plan of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) to increase its premium. Dubbed as Global Webwide Protest to Stop Philhealth Increase which will run from July 20 – 25, 2012 in different social media platforms, the online protest was initiated by Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards founding president Kenji Solis who is based in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has now adherents from 67 countries majority are OFWs from the Middle East or Gulf countries, followed by Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Philhealth Board recently issued Circular No.022 imposing a 150% hike in health premium for OFW members from PhP 900 to become P2, 400; OFWs find this increase extremely exorbitant and inconsiderate because not many of OFWs were consulted. Through its Facebook page Global OFW Voices - the voices of more than 10,000 OFWs, is being mobilized to stage synchronize protest on the different social media platforms of Philhealth, government officials including the President PNOY and other government agencies to air a unified message against the increase.

OFWs globally plead to stop and immediately implement a moratorium on imposing the increase until a comprehensive and genuine consultation with most OFWs and other stakeholders have been conducted. The government has to consider the mobile or transient nature of OFWs, and recognize their unique circumstances where majorities do not directly benefit from the insurance since most of them are already provided with far better and superior health insurances by their companies. In particular, Philhealth should be more sympathetic on OFWs who are earning meager salary like domestic helpers, laborers, janitors, food servers, or those categorized as unskilled workers who find the increase as an added burden to pay before they leave abroad. The said increase is a direct violation of RA 10022, otherwise known as the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipino Act of 1995 that “prohibits increase in government fees for services rendered to OFWs and their dependents.”

It is unfair for OFWs to be treated as revenue mill or as OFWs consider themselves as government’s milking cow. With their dollar remittances that keep the Philippine economy afloat including the strengthening of peso against the dollar, it is unfortunate that the government continue to levy additional fees on this sector. Although OFWs do not oppose government’s plan to provide universal health insurance to the poor, it is immoral to use solidarity to burden the already suffering workers overseas.

The group calls for a comprehensive discussion with Philhealth and other government agencies to agree on an equitable premium among OFWs and stop the increase until a mutual agreement has been reached.

For more information on this protest, visit:


For more information, please contact the following Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards, Inc. regional coordinators:

Manila, Philippines:
Pete Erlano Rahon | Director Philippine Operations | +63917.733.7152

Europe, Middle East & Africa:
Kenji Solis | Founding Chairman | +966.54648.1154

Australia, East Asia Pacific:
Brenda Pinosan | Asia Pacific Coordinator | Tel. +6012.692.9710

North America & Canada:
F. Jigs Segre | Director Global Advocacy & Strategic Initiatives | Tel. +1510.589.2950


Saturday, May 05, 2012

Project Salmos and Operation: Let's Bring Mang Fred Home!

Let’s Bring Mang Fred Home!

Alfredo Salmos, 52, an overseas Filipino worker in Jeddah Saudi Arabia is appealing for help after he was accidentally electrocuted about two years ago in his work. According to Salmos, he was sucked into a 14,000 volts breaker that he was trying to shut down.
PEBA Worldwide launched a Project Salmos to appeal for global support and monetary donations with the consolidated efforts of the different organizations in bringing home our brother, our kabayan, ALFREDO ‘Mang Fred’ SALMOS. 

 PEBA's Kenji along with ABS-CBN Correspondent Frank Resma, and Marlene of Lakambini Group, Roy and Aaron of Elite Guardians, and Patnubay Riyadh and the owner of La Parilla Restaurant in a roundtable meeting to help Mang Alfredo Salmos. 

PEBA has been engage in several project before, Project Twitch, Project Nealshai, and now we are starting Project Salmos. There are many, oh so many good people working behind the scene for Mang Alfred. We are activating our contacts from 56 countries and territories and asking to solicit donation and engage causes to help this Kabayan. If you wish to be a part of PEBA's Global effort to help, please message us using the FB message above. We will consolidate all donations into one account, preferably in a foundation. We hope you will share and reach out to others and hope to touch their heart as well. 

Support the
For donations and details, please contact or email


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To VP Jejomar Binay: OFW Pag-ibig Pay at POEA

When we went home for vacation last December 2011, I went to POEA to pay for my Balik-Manggagawa payment to avoid any hassles that we might encounter, thinking about the things I've read and heard from other vacationing OFW's.

I prepared for my normal P1,200 fee, and then was surprised that I am required to fill up a Pag-ibig form. I heard that we will all be require to pay as mandatory to OFW's. This bother's me with another "Required for OFW's" so I went to Pag-Ibig booth and inquired about it. He said it is indeed mandatory. I told him I am paying monthly contribution amounting to P400+. I showed him my POP (Pag-ibig Overseas Program). He said, I am okay, I am no longer required to fill up the form and pay.

I remember a couple of OFW friends recounting their experiences to me about Pag-ibig mandatory payment. A friend from Bahrain:

"Sir Kenji, please check this out too. Umuwi ako July 2010. Ayaw kong magbayad ng PAG-IBIG but then sabi sa Phil embassy compulsory daw. So I paid for 4months in advance yet official receipt and print out of TEMPORARY PAG-IBIG NUMBER lang yung binigay sa akin. When I checked with my colleagues na nagbabayad dito for more than 2yrs, TEMPORARY number pa rin ang binibigay. I got discouraged and didn't pay thereafter.

Tanong: How can we monitor if na-register ang payment ko sa Pinas? 
May ID ba silang ibibigay like SSS ID card which is more convenient to slip inside our wallet and for easy monitoring wherever we go?

From another:

I remember, I have on process PAG-IBIG membership before I left Muntinlupa Medical Center where I worked for years. A representative from embassy here told me that it is different since I'm gonna pay now in dollars. I didn't mind paying here coz I didn't even know if they started cutting it from my salary when I was in Muntinlupa.

Anyway, if there's a chance, please check specifically my ID if they remit what I paid there, TOP is 000000000. Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

I requested a courtesy visit to Vice President Jejomar Binay through Mr. Benjie Martinez his Chief of Staff  so we can ask several questions and discuss about this concerns from OFW's. Unfortunately, they are out of town that week prior to my flight back here in Saudi Arabia. You see if every vacationing OFW will pay P400 pesos, and there are 1,000 OFWs paying everyday, you have P10,000,000 (10M) every month and a whooping P120M every year, and we know more than a thousand OFWs are paying to POEA everyday. 

A couple of question to somehow clarify this matter.

1. Why OFW have to keep filling the form if they don't have the POP card or they don't have the FINAL Pag-ibig Number?
2. Can Pag-ibig issue a POP card to all OFW's paying at the POEA para maiwasan ang padoble-dobleng bayad and issuance of several Pag-ibig numbers?

Below is the memo of the Mandatory Coverage and Membership of Overseas Filipino Workers


Department of Labor and Employment
BFO Building, Ortigas Avenue cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong City 1501
Website: E-mail:
Hotlines: 722-1144, 722-1155
Memorandum Circular No. 06
Series of 2010
Subject: Mandatory Coverage and Membership of Overseas Filipino Workers under the Home Development Mutual Fund otherwise known as Pag-IBIG (Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan: Ikaw, Bangko, Industriya at Gobyerno)

Date: 7 July 2010

Pursuant to Republic Act No. 9679, or the Home Development Mutual Fund Law of 2009, otherwise known as Pag-IBIG Fund, whick took effect on 27 August 2009, the following guidelines are hereby issued.
  1. Coverage. All Overseas Filipino Workers are covered by the Pag-IBIG Fund whether landbased or seabased.
  2. Implementation. POEA implementation of the mandatory coverage shall start on 01 August 2010.
  3. Contribution. Upon registration and deployment of an OFW, an initial membership contribution of six hundred pesos (P600.00) representing six (6) months contribution shall be paid by the worker. The OFW may however, opt to contribute a higher amount as provided under Rule VI of the same law.
  4. Procedure for Membership Registration of OFWs at the POEA and Issuance of POEA exit clearance/Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). The following procedures for the membership registration and issuance of the POEA exit clearance/OEC shall be observed.
a.)    OFWs processed through the POEA Name Hire Facility, the Government Placement Branch and the Balik-Manggagawa Center shall register with the Fund by submitting to POEA a Member Data Form (MDF) in addition to the existing documentary requirements, as a requirement for the processing of their documents and issuance of the POEA exit clearance/OEC.
b.)    For OFWs hired through POEA-licensed recruitment agencies, the recruitment agency shall submit to POEA the individual MDF of their hired OFWs in addition to the existing documentary requirements as a requirement for the processing of the workers’ documents and issuance of the POEA exit clearance/OEC.

For compliance effective immediately.

Jennifer Jardin-Manalili



Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some Thoughts About Communication and Filipino’s Abroad (OFWs)

I’ve been here for quite long and a few times I will receive inquiry or asking support from families and love ones back home  para sa kanilang minamahal na nandito sa abroad.

“Ano na po ang balita sa nanay ko dyan?”

“Pwede po bang matawagan ang tatay ko, kasi di na po siya nagtetext sa amin.”

“Kuya, yung nanay po namin, nag-aalala, di na po kasi nagtetext ang Ate na Domestic Helper sa Kuwait.”

“Kenji ito daw yung employer ni Mang Pat, pakitawagan naman at kumustahin siya.”

“Kabayan, kilala niyo po ba si Tomas E. Alba?(Fiction lang yan ha, alam ko alam niyo siya yung nakaimbento ng  light bulb, hahaha) Pakitawagan naman oh, pakisabi naniningil na ako ng pinautang ko sa kanya, di na kasi nagtetext at nagpapakita ang misis niya.

The example goes on and on and on.

I have been suggesting ever since Filipino’s are text addict in the world, and the Philippines is texting capital of the world, to initiate a regulation or a law that each departing OFW must have a number, email address/YM, even Facebook account if talagang kelangan na para makeep track ang bawat OFW kahit saan man silang panig ng mundo. This info must be stored sa POEA at OWWA and even sa mga recruiting agencies at mailagay sa isang microchip where all the names and contact info’s of OFWs is stored for easier access.

Naalala ko lang nung Day of Rage, or nung Arab Spring, last year when there were protests actions in the Middle East. I heard that European and American national receive a constant SMS of update about the situation and what to do and where to go in case the protest escalates. Well, oo nga naman, 12 Million OFWs, paano mo matetext yun but sa galing ng Pinoy sa IT, can we make a system where we can override the system and send important and emergency updates to all our OFWs?

Nung nagkaroon ng Earthquake and Tsunami sa Japan, the social media is buzzing with contact details of embassies and consulates, how can victim be able to call or locate them, but if we have a systematic way of sending those contact details to the registered SMART/Globe Roaming of each and every OFWs, chances that we can convey the message to a lot of people.
During emergency, people will still hold their mobile phones, true? Of course.

 Sa mga OFW naman, there is a distance sa mga OFW and sa kanilang pamilya na naiwan sa Pinas because of lack of communication. Despite of the easy of way communicating through mobile phones and internet chatting, wala na tayong communication except once a month sa pamilya natin ng mga ganitong linya,

“Oh, ayan nagpadala na ako ng P20,000, ikaw na bahala magbudget dyan para sa mga anak natin”

Yan na lang, and then tapos na, next month na lang ulit. Perhaps we cannot blame the poor OFW also. Pagkatanggap ng pera or pagsabi ng padala na naideposito na, wala man lang sasabihing Thank You, kundi

“Bakit P20K lang, kulang yan, may bayaran sa ganito, sa ganyan, etc etc etc”
I know so many OFW’s nagtitiis ng de lata, tuyo, itlog, noodles, and kung minsan, tinitipid ang pagkain para lang may malaking maipdala sa Pinas, and yet wala man lang thank you or text messages galing sa Pinas. Ang text messages or tawag or chatting ay yun na nga lang ang nagbibigay ng lakas ng loob sa mga OFW na tinitiis ang lungkot at pangungulila para lang magkaroon ng maayos na kinabukasan ang mga anak at mahal sa buhay.
Another suggestion, bakit kaya hindi nila gawing requirement na ang mga OFW na paaalis ay dapat magkaroon ng PC or laptop at internet sa bahay sa Pinas, para kahit papaano ay magkaroon ng chance ng chatting at communication sa Pinas ang Tatay or Nanay or Anak na umalis at nangibang bansa?

Anyway, mukhang napahaba, ang suggestion ko lang sa mga OFW saan mang panig ng mundo, magparamdam kayo sa mga mahal niyo sa buhay sa Pinas, hindi lang sa pera kundi kahit sa text man lang kahit isang beses sa isang linggo para di sila masyadong magworry.
Sa mga kababayan naman sa Pinas, please lang, wag naman kada text sa OFW ay hingi ng pera, minsan kaunting text sa isang araw or sa isang linggo na nakakainspire, nakakatuwa, nakakataba ng puso, is enough for an OFW to carry on.

Dun sa may mga utang, or talagang ayaw ng magparamdam, wala na po akong masabi. 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

To the Ladies and to the Girls

I've talked to a lovely lady, a good friend of me and Mrs. Thoughtskoto. She told me about a guy she loved dearly and faithfully until she found out he has loved another girl. She was in despair, devastated, and heartbroken. Sad to say we've known several stories related to this, and often, most often, the one left wallowing in self pity, and sometimes, even remorse, are the girls and women who gave almost all to the guys they loved.

When we went home, Mrs. Thoughtskoto and I were talking about the scarcity of men that women can rely and depend on, that women can trust and love, and offer the best that they've got and who will love them, faithfully and truthfully. This prompted me to comment and counsel, Mhel and William, bachelor friend of ours, who are riding with us on the way home, "to be good and be responsible, for they are "endangered men". Kung meron man words na ganyan. J

I am not a perfect husband and partner, but I am trying my best to make my wife and family happy. I love my wife, and though I fail so many times, I am trying my best to show that love in word and deed. 

I am thinking about my sister, our single friends out there, single classmates and acquaintances here in Facebook. I know most of them, they are beautiful ladies, most of them are trying to be the best that they can be, and yes, all of them are waiting for that 'knight in shining armor'. Desperately hoping that one day they will find that love, they can have a family of their own, and they can live happily ever after. Though love stories and marriages are far from the fairytales and movies we watched, the reality is a combination of bitter and sweet part of learning experiences, growing love, and progressing relationship.

Below are some of the random thoughts I have right now while sitting in my desk at the laboratory with regards to choosing the man to love, to marry and to spend the rest of your life, even forever, in a perspective of a man who was once looking for a princess, and gratefully found and now, proudly bound with. 

This is not by priority;

1.    Choose a man who loves you so much, that he will do anything good for your happiness and safety.
2.    Choose a man that is responsible and respectful.
3.    A man can be personable without being a head turner, a hunky or a celebrity
4.    Oftentimes, men like and attracted to simple women and girls. Make-up and nail polish, and lipsticks are fine, but sometimes, women are more beautiful without them.
5.    Men like na magpaimpress, and we are often given hope if a woman/girl laugh or smile over our OA or corny na patawa.
6.    The man/guy who may look like nothing now, but with love and inspiration he can be successful and be more handsome than your Mr. Right fantasy.
7.    If you are looking for a good looking or very handsome prince, you might end up an old maid forever, and remember lahat tayo nagkakawrinkles and kukulubot, so balewala pa rin ang kapogian and kagwapuhan. 
8.    Love sometimes is mysterious, kumbaga, kung ukol, bubukol. We keep on loving and loving because as our love grows, our desire is not so much what can make us happy but what can we do to make the one we love more happier.
9. Character is the most important thing in love and life. A man can be good looking and rich, but without character, right values, and correct principles, you will never be happy.
10. Sabi nga sa Desiderata:

Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

Well, that’s it for now. I have some sample preparation and analysis to do, so I will just post this and will be back to add some of my thoughts later. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012


"Newly crowned IBF light flyweight champion Johnriel Casimero, his promoter Sammy Gello-ani and the members of Team Casimero have one simple message after the 22 year old Filipino won the title but was viciously attacked by thugs masquerading as fans and even members of badly beaten former champion Luis Lazarte – “Don’t cry for me Argentina!” reported by Ronnie Nathanielsz of

An emotional but joyful Gello-ani told us in the end it was all worthwhile because Casimero “ did his best to get the title back to Philippines the hard way and this is his best gift to our countrymen. Besides, the title victory was dedicated to his younger brother who died of a heart problem just one day before Johnriel left Cebu for the fight in Argentina. It’s Casimero’s birthday on February 13 and there could be no better gift to share with his family and his countrymen.” 

Gello-ani in an overseas telephone conversation with the Manila Standard said the announced gameplan of working to the body and wearing down the former champion who is 40 years old worked, but as the bout progressed points were deducted for head-butting from both Lazarte and Casimero. 

Gello-ani said that “a first round slip by Casimero was ruled a knockdown but it did not bother Casimero.” 

He said American referee Eddie Claudio was able to control the fight most of the way. Gello-ani told us “Casimero dropped Lazarte with a right cross in the 9th round. Lazarte stood up before the count of 8 and continued fighting but Casimero caught him again in the dying seconds of the round sending the Argentine to the canvas. Referee Claudio started the count and Lazarte stood up but was saved by the bell.” 

In the 10th round Casimero dropped Lazarte again but the game former world champion beat the count one more time before Casimero caught him on the ropes and pounced on the hapless Lazarte with a series of punches and as he was going down again referee Claudio stopped the fight. 

While both fighters were waiting for the announcement Gello-ani said “all of a sudden debris including cups and water bottles were thrown into the ring along with plastic chairs.” 

Gello-ani and the other members of Casimero’s team pulled the new champion who was celebrating on top of the ropes in one corner and took him to the center of the ring since people from the camp of Lazarte who were mostly members of a Truckers group were all around the ring apron. 

He said “some of them climbed into the ring and started hitting and kicking members of Casimero’s team. We decided to go nearer the police officers around the ring but people kept throwing anything even hitting the police injuring some of them.” 

It was at this point that Gello-ani said he “lost sight of Casimero.” He discovered later that “referee Claudio took the fighter down the ring where one of our friends Osvaldo Prado hid him under the ring until the riot was over. Prado told me not to worry because Casimero was safe under the ring.” 

Police escorted Team Casimero to their dressing room and stood guard. Referee Claudio was taken to hospital with an injury and although the members of Team Casimero had bruises they did not agree to go to the hospital but instead remained in their hotel where they were protected. 

Gello-ani reported that Sean Gibbon of Top Rank was likewise hurt when he received a low blow along with Casimero’s trainer Christopher "Pingping" Tepora while the well-known promoter himself was hit on the back with a chair. 

An hour after the tumultuous events Gello-ani told us that Lazarte arrived in Casimero’s dressing room and apologized to him for what happened. He said “We politely accepted his apology and I even give my Red uniform jacket to Lazarte for his eldest son Diego who had asked me during the weigh in for a souvenir.” 

The police escorted Casimero and his team to the hotel and stood guard until morning to make sure that they were safe. The promoter Mr. Osvaldo Rivero arrived at the hotel and also apologized to the Filipino team as well as the IBF officials who are billeted in the same Primacy Hotel. 


Sunday, February 05, 2012

11 Minutes a Stick

According to the research conducted by the expert from University of Bristol in England, your precious 11 minutes of life is wasted every stick of cigarette you smoke!
One year of smoking 5 cigarettes per day will reduce your life for 14 days!
Even the richest person in the world will trade all his fortune to be able to get that extra 14 days of life...


Friday, January 20, 2012

"Dalawang Mukha ng mga Bagong Bayani" an ABS-CBN Patrol ng Pilipino 10 January 2012

We were lucky to be featured in an ABS-CBN documentary when we went home last December 2011. Here is the 10th of January 2012 Patrol ng Pilipino PR issue and video below. 

10 January 2012

PRESS RELEASE: ‘The Faces of OFWs’

Many Filipinos have traveled abroad to seek greener pastures but, not all who have successfully left the country have succeeded in reaching their dreams.

On Patrol ng Pilipino this Tuesday, get to meet some of the faces that make up the big number of Overseas Filipino Workers. There is Laarni Passion or Ate Leny who worked for nine months in Jeddah as a Domestic Helper. Last Christmas, she was able to come home to her family. After the holidays, despite her chance to work abroad, she and her family decided that she will not return to Jeddah and apply for a job here in the country instead.

While most of us will understand Ate Leny’s difficulty in working abroad, far away from her loved ones, the Solis Family all live in Saudi Arabia. Kenji Solis and wife Shiela have two kids. Last November, they traveled to the Philippines to have their 4 year old daughter Sophia experience Christmas in the Philippines because Christmas is not celebrated in Saudi.

Coming to work abroad is always a gamble. Some like Leny and the Solis Family are lucky but there are those who are not. Like the son of Edith Langamin, Jonard; he is only 28 years old. Jonard is on his 5th year in death row in Saudi Arabia.

His mother Edith recounted that on June 7 2007, Jonard accidentally killed a fellow Filipino Citizen on board the ship. While Jonard was forgiven by the family of his victim Robertson Mendoza, the law in Saudi territory still applies. The family has to produce 5 million pesos as blood money for Jonard to be freed. They were given 5 years lee way to gather the amount and if they were not able to raise the money by May, Jonard will be hanged.

They all leave the country in tears but with a hopeful heart. Some make it big while the others are met with bad luck. But no matter the turn of their fate will be, it is always the Filipino’s love for their family that will push them to leave their nest and hope for the best.

Catch Jeff Canoy on Patrol ng Pilipino as he shows the varied struggles being faced by some of the Overseas Filipino Workers, Tuesday night at 9:15 over DZMM Teleradyo and after Bandila on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

Here is the PR of this at the national daily,