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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some Thoughts About Communication and Filipino’s Abroad (OFWs)

I’ve been here for quite long and a few times I will receive inquiry or asking support from families and love ones back home  para sa kanilang minamahal na nandito sa abroad.

“Ano na po ang balita sa nanay ko dyan?”

“Pwede po bang matawagan ang tatay ko, kasi di na po siya nagtetext sa amin.”

“Kuya, yung nanay po namin, nag-aalala, di na po kasi nagtetext ang Ate na Domestic Helper sa Kuwait.”

“Kenji ito daw yung employer ni Mang Pat, pakitawagan naman at kumustahin siya.”

“Kabayan, kilala niyo po ba si Tomas E. Alba?(Fiction lang yan ha, alam ko alam niyo siya yung nakaimbento ng  light bulb, hahaha) Pakitawagan naman oh, pakisabi naniningil na ako ng pinautang ko sa kanya, di na kasi nagtetext at nagpapakita ang misis niya.

The example goes on and on and on.

I have been suggesting ever since Filipino’s are text addict in the world, and the Philippines is texting capital of the world, to initiate a regulation or a law that each departing OFW must have a number, email address/YM, even Facebook account if talagang kelangan na para makeep track ang bawat OFW kahit saan man silang panig ng mundo. This info must be stored sa POEA at OWWA and even sa mga recruiting agencies at mailagay sa isang microchip where all the names and contact info’s of OFWs is stored for easier access.

Naalala ko lang nung Day of Rage, or nung Arab Spring, last year when there were protests actions in the Middle East. I heard that European and American national receive a constant SMS of update about the situation and what to do and where to go in case the protest escalates. Well, oo nga naman, 12 Million OFWs, paano mo matetext yun but sa galing ng Pinoy sa IT, can we make a system where we can override the system and send important and emergency updates to all our OFWs?

Nung nagkaroon ng Earthquake and Tsunami sa Japan, the social media is buzzing with contact details of embassies and consulates, how can victim be able to call or locate them, but if we have a systematic way of sending those contact details to the registered SMART/Globe Roaming of each and every OFWs, chances that we can convey the message to a lot of people.
During emergency, people will still hold their mobile phones, true? Of course.

 Sa mga OFW naman, there is a distance sa mga OFW and sa kanilang pamilya na naiwan sa Pinas because of lack of communication. Despite of the easy of way communicating through mobile phones and internet chatting, wala na tayong communication except once a month sa pamilya natin ng mga ganitong linya,

“Oh, ayan nagpadala na ako ng P20,000, ikaw na bahala magbudget dyan para sa mga anak natin”

Yan na lang, and then tapos na, next month na lang ulit. Perhaps we cannot blame the poor OFW also. Pagkatanggap ng pera or pagsabi ng padala na naideposito na, wala man lang sasabihing Thank You, kundi

“Bakit P20K lang, kulang yan, may bayaran sa ganito, sa ganyan, etc etc etc”
I know so many OFW’s nagtitiis ng de lata, tuyo, itlog, noodles, and kung minsan, tinitipid ang pagkain para lang may malaking maipdala sa Pinas, and yet wala man lang thank you or text messages galing sa Pinas. Ang text messages or tawag or chatting ay yun na nga lang ang nagbibigay ng lakas ng loob sa mga OFW na tinitiis ang lungkot at pangungulila para lang magkaroon ng maayos na kinabukasan ang mga anak at mahal sa buhay.
Another suggestion, bakit kaya hindi nila gawing requirement na ang mga OFW na paaalis ay dapat magkaroon ng PC or laptop at internet sa bahay sa Pinas, para kahit papaano ay magkaroon ng chance ng chatting at communication sa Pinas ang Tatay or Nanay or Anak na umalis at nangibang bansa?

Anyway, mukhang napahaba, ang suggestion ko lang sa mga OFW saan mang panig ng mundo, magparamdam kayo sa mga mahal niyo sa buhay sa Pinas, hindi lang sa pera kundi kahit sa text man lang kahit isang beses sa isang linggo para di sila masyadong magworry.
Sa mga kababayan naman sa Pinas, please lang, wag naman kada text sa OFW ay hingi ng pera, minsan kaunting text sa isang araw or sa isang linggo na nakakainspire, nakakatuwa, nakakataba ng puso, is enough for an OFW to carry on.

Dun sa may mga utang, or talagang ayaw ng magparamdam, wala na po akong masabi. 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

To the Ladies and to the Girls

I've talked to a lovely lady, a good friend of me and Mrs. Thoughtskoto. She told me about a guy she loved dearly and faithfully until she found out he has loved another girl. She was in despair, devastated, and heartbroken. Sad to say we've known several stories related to this, and often, most often, the one left wallowing in self pity, and sometimes, even remorse, are the girls and women who gave almost all to the guys they loved.

When we went home, Mrs. Thoughtskoto and I were talking about the scarcity of men that women can rely and depend on, that women can trust and love, and offer the best that they've got and who will love them, faithfully and truthfully. This prompted me to comment and counsel, Mhel and William, bachelor friend of ours, who are riding with us on the way home, "to be good and be responsible, for they are "endangered men". Kung meron man words na ganyan. J

I am not a perfect husband and partner, but I am trying my best to make my wife and family happy. I love my wife, and though I fail so many times, I am trying my best to show that love in word and deed. 

I am thinking about my sister, our single friends out there, single classmates and acquaintances here in Facebook. I know most of them, they are beautiful ladies, most of them are trying to be the best that they can be, and yes, all of them are waiting for that 'knight in shining armor'. Desperately hoping that one day they will find that love, they can have a family of their own, and they can live happily ever after. Though love stories and marriages are far from the fairytales and movies we watched, the reality is a combination of bitter and sweet part of learning experiences, growing love, and progressing relationship.

Below are some of the random thoughts I have right now while sitting in my desk at the laboratory with regards to choosing the man to love, to marry and to spend the rest of your life, even forever, in a perspective of a man who was once looking for a princess, and gratefully found and now, proudly bound with. 

This is not by priority;

1.    Choose a man who loves you so much, that he will do anything good for your happiness and safety.
2.    Choose a man that is responsible and respectful.
3.    A man can be personable without being a head turner, a hunky or a celebrity
4.    Oftentimes, men like and attracted to simple women and girls. Make-up and nail polish, and lipsticks are fine, but sometimes, women are more beautiful without them.
5.    Men like na magpaimpress, and we are often given hope if a woman/girl laugh or smile over our OA or corny na patawa.
6.    The man/guy who may look like nothing now, but with love and inspiration he can be successful and be more handsome than your Mr. Right fantasy.
7.    If you are looking for a good looking or very handsome prince, you might end up an old maid forever, and remember lahat tayo nagkakawrinkles and kukulubot, so balewala pa rin ang kapogian and kagwapuhan. 
8.    Love sometimes is mysterious, kumbaga, kung ukol, bubukol. We keep on loving and loving because as our love grows, our desire is not so much what can make us happy but what can we do to make the one we love more happier.
9. Character is the most important thing in love and life. A man can be good looking and rich, but without character, right values, and correct principles, you will never be happy.
10. Sabi nga sa Desiderata:

Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

Well, that’s it for now. I have some sample preparation and analysis to do, so I will just post this and will be back to add some of my thoughts later.