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Sunday, February 08, 2015

7 Things You Needed To Know About Perfumes

Somebody told me that when you smell good, you become more attractive too. I think it also adds up to your confidence when you know that you smell fresh even after a long day. It could be the reason why people tend to buy more expensive perfumes instead of just using colognes or eau de toillette. Because the more oil concentrate there is, the longer the fragrance will last. But that is not always the case, because everyone has different body chemistry, to some it may last longer while to you it may only last for couple of hours, and one perfume may smell good to your friend but may totally smell different when you wear it. 

Anyway, there are different tricks you could use to make your perfume last longer on you till the end of the day:

1. Storage is very important- it is important that you store your perfume away from sunlight. Heat, light and humidity has a lot to do to keep the quality of your perfume. Have you noticed that some perfume bottles are coloured, because it helps in maintaining the quality of perfume.  It is better if you could keep your perfume away from the window, and never store it in your bathroom. 

2. Spray your perfume right after you shower- it helps lock in the scent.

3. Apply unscented lotion first before you spray your perfume- a mixture of  fragrances can result in totally different smell that you might not like. Unless the lotion is of the same fragrance as your perfume. The moisturizing benefit of your lotion can also help lock in the fragrance. You can also use vaseline, its occlusive property can help lock in the fragrance. 

4. If you are applying perfume to your wrist don't rub it right away after spraying. It makes the top notes evaporate fast making the fragrance fade away and not last that long. 

5. Some people like spraying perfume directly onto their hair. This can actually damage the hair because of the alcohol content in the perfume. But you can actually spray it on your hair brush and then brush it on. 

6. To know if the perfume suits you, you need to try it on and let it dry on your skin first before deciding to buy. Remember that body chemistry is different for each one and although it smells good on the strip of paper they sampled on you, it may smell different once you wear it. 

7. Do you know you can actually make your clothes fresh smelling like the fragrance you wear. Line your drawer with tissue paper and spray perfume on it. This way your clothes could absorb the fragrance without staining it with perfume oil. 

And don't throw those cards or paper strips they sprayed with perfumes. If you love the scent, place it in your bag and let your bag absorb the fragrance too. 


Tuesday, February 03, 2015

How to Block Lost and Stolen Mobile

Block Your Stolen Mobile (1)

Mobiles have become the basic necessity of our lives and they contain a lot of personal information. Hence it is very important to keep it safe. However, after all the precautions, it may happen that we still lose the mobile or it get stolen. In such cases, it is very important to protect the information which is there in the mobile from being misused.

If you own a smart phone, there are many software which are available which can be installed and used to block and locate it. 
But for other mobile devices and generally, the service providers Mobily, STC and Zain can assist you with it free of charge.

This is what you have to do:
You need to visit your sim service provider Mobily, STC, Zain with these information that they will need in order to assist you.

Requirements :
1. IMEI Number
The IMEI can be found on the box of your mobile device or on your mobile. You will need to turn off your mobile and remove the battery and you will find it printed there. You may also get it easily by typing this code 
 *#06# on the dial pad.

2. Proof of Ownership
You needed to bring something that proves you own the mobile device you want to block, you can prove it by showing your purchase invoice, receipt or warranty card. A selfie with your mobile device is NOT a proof of ownership.

3. It is important that you have used a valid sim from your service provider atleast once in the past one month. If you are using a phone which uses only roaming simcard from another country and have never used the local simcard for more than a month, you might have a problem with this

4. A declaration form available at the service provider office filled and signed.
Once you have provided the above requirements, the service provider can immediately block your mobile.

In any instances where you only have misplaced it and you found it, you may unblock your mobile by visiting the service provider with the same requirements and process as above.
For more information, you can visit the website of your service provider here:

We encourage po ang lahat to be extra careful sa ating mga phones.