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Monday, January 11, 2016

Report: Kuwait Giving Amnesty To Illegals

The Kuwait Ministry of Interior announced a partial amnesty for illegal residents in Kuwait. 
The amnesty will allow illegal residents to pay their fine, legalize their status or leave the country without being blacklisted. If they chose the latter, they could return on a new visa without any problem. 
In order to participate in the amnesty they must come forward to any residency affairs department in the country to rectify their status. F86A2450
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They added that the amnesty will not cover those who will be caught by security personnel. Those who will be caught will face deportation, they have to pay fine, and they will be banned from returning to the country.

According to report the fine for overstaying is KD 2 per day and is capped at a maximum of KD 600.

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior announced a partial amnesty yesterday for all illegal residents in Kuwait. Residency...
Posted by DR. CHIE L. Umandap on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Security Media Brig Adel Al-Hashash said, “The ministry will now allow the presence of residency law violators in Kuwait,” He also explained that concerned authorities are tracking violators and fugitives “as they are dealing with them based on an accurate and comprehensive database”.