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Friday, March 17, 2017

10 Things to Remember to Avoid Being Offloaded

If you are a traveler, offloading is considered to be one of the worst things that can happen to you. Being offloaded on a plane can happen to anyone, on a tourist, on OFWs and even to people who traveled for business trips.

But the question is how to prevent being offloaded or how to avoid being offloaded? It is said that there is no definite list of things a traveler can do in order to completely avoid being barred from the plane.

If you are traveling here are the thing you need to prepare when checking in and boarding in planes.

1. Prepare your documents

In a website of Bureau of Immigration (BI), it says that at a minimum a traveler intending to go abroad shall be required to present the following for primary inspections:

  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Visa when required on the country destination
  • Round Trip Ticket
  • Work Contract and OEC from POEA if you are an OFW
  • If going as a tourist, hotel booking confirmation, and receipts
  • If on a guided tour, copy of your itinerary and be ready for the places you will be visiting
  • If traveling with a minor, travel permit from DSWD
  • For age and affinity verification, bring your authenticated Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate 
In spite of this, the BI will also assess the age, educational attainment and financial capability of the traveler.

2. Never lie to the Immigration Office and speak confidently
  • When being interviewed by a BI, provide consistent, clear and confident answers
  • Answer questions in a respectful and confident manner
  • Listen carefully and provide an honest answer while maintaining your composure.
3. Dress decently

Wear clothes that say you are a respectable traveler even you are free to dress as you pleased. For the first time traveler especially for women, choose a clothing that is not too revealing or too casual. Showing too much skin might trigger an impression of a sex worker which is a red flag among immigration officers.

4. Preparation for solo travelers

Be especially prepared if you're young, female, single, or a recent graduate and traveling solo. Make sure to bring all necessary documents with you.

Immigration Officer is more particular on the female solo traveler, so expect to be bombarded with questions. Remember, your safety and security are the utmost concern.

5. Know your trip's purpose and be firm in it

If your purpose is pure and true, you should be able to pass the interview and be allowed to board faster than you expected.

But remember, aside from your answer, Immigration Officer also observes your body language. They are trained in their job so they will know if your lying base on your composure.

6. Be sure you can afford your trip and prove it!

  • Bring a copy of your financial statements, certificate of employment, proof of salary, credit cards, and other proofs of residency. 
  • If you are unemployed, you must prepare to prove or show how you will be paying for your trip.
  • If you travel is sponsored, then you must possess an affidavit of support and guarantee. This includes a letter of invitation authenticated by the Philippine consulate or embassy in your destination country.
7. For sponsored traveler, know the basic information about your sponsor

If you friend or relatives are sponsoring your trip, make sure you can provide documents pertaining their information. Documents that have their complete names, addresses, and contact information

8. Clearances and other permits

  • If you are a government worker and your travel is related to you work, you must bring your clearance or travel permit.Failure to present a travel clearance could prevent you from boarding your flight.
  • Private employees must have sufficient documents to prove they are employed and have been granted leave by their employers.
9. Review your travel history.

Review your old passport and recall your most recent trips. If you are first time travelers, remember to be consistent in your reason for going out of the country.

Your experience of being offloaded in the past could land you in the hot seat. Remember why you were denied the last time and how the issue was resolved.

10. Watch your attitude

Be polite in your answer all the time and avoid getting into argument with the Immigration Officer.

Remember these are just tips that can help travelers better prepare for their flight. But there are things we cannot control. After all being offloaded is not the worst thing might happen to you. There's much worse, being a victim of human trafficking, abusive employer, being stranded or jailed in a foreign country with no help are much worse than being offloaded.


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