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Sunday, October 24, 2010

PEBA bloggers to launch 2 OFW social service groups -From ABS-CBNNews

Pinoy expat bloggers to launch 2 OFW social service groups

MANILA, Philippines – Two action-oriented groups aimed at delivering social services to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) will be launched in December.

Pinoy Expats OFW Blog Awards Inc. (PEBA), an alliance of international Filipino bloggers, announced the launching of its New Media Network Group and OFW Alliance Action Group.

“The PEBA New Media Network Group will post news events and stories through video blogs and articles that are relevant to the lives of Filipino migrant workers,” said Program Director Felix Jigs Segre, PEBA’s head of Public Relations and Media Affairs.

The New Media Network Group aims to provide firsthand and accurate reporting of events to promote greater awareness of the plight of Filipinos living and working abroad.

“In line with the primary objective is to provide [the] means to act on the issue arising from the story, especially if it involves the welfare and safety of our kababayans abroad,” said Segre.
The PEBA OFW Alliance Action Group, on the other hand, is an online referral action center that would assist Pinoy migrant workers or their families in addressing their concerns and in bringing the matter to the appropriate government agencies for immediate response.

“The presence of prominent Filipino community leaders in PEBA’s network of bloggers would definitely be an advantage due to their existing civic efforts in their host countries,” Segre said.
The 2 groups would operate under the management of PEBA and will be carried out by its members and volunteers in the Philippines and around the world.

“PEBA deemed it necessary to provide [an] easily-accessible channel to help migrant workers and engage the National Government, NGOs and even the global community to further and safeguard the welfare of the Filipino migrant workers using today’s most powerful new media, the Internet,” he said.
The launching will coincide with the 3rd Annual International Pinoy Expats OFW Blog Awards on December 16.

With the theme, “Strengthening the OFW Families: Stronger Homes for a Stronger Nation”, the event will be held at Teatrino, Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila.
PEBA originally serves as an award-giving body that recognizes and honors the exemplary work of blogging Filipino expats and OFWs. (Related story: Blog awards for Pinoy expats, OFWs set)

Last year’s Top 10 PEBA winners were:
Isla de Nebz (Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)
Pink Tarha Girls (Riyadh, KSA)
Wits and Spirits (Bangkok, Thailand)
Francesca in France (Nice, France)
A Piece of Cake (Yishun, Singapore)
Palipasan (Doha, Qatar)
Top Express (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Boni Station (Damman, Saudi Arabia)
Ba Be Bi Bebing (Georgia, USA)
Hulascoop, atbp. (Misawa, Japan)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

PEBA Family Video - They're asking for More!

What makes the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards is the theme. The nominees scribble their keyboards and write out of their hearts and mind. What is also unique are the small videos that PEBA will be releasing in support for strengthening families - especially OFW families. 

When we started gathering the photos, and when we announced it, there was a few response. But after releasing this video, a lot of people email their family pictures to be added in a series of 'feel good' teaser's and ads.

Half month more to go before PEBA end the nomination process, and a month to go before the Photo contest submission deadline, and PEBA is getting better and bigger with the sponsoring of big companies like

NOKIA, Philippines
Geiser Maclang
Celestial Media
John Robert Powers
Book Divas
Creative Media Max
Adred Creatives
Business Mirror

and more coming!

PEBA believes that the strength of a country, especially the Philippines is not found in Malacanang or in military camps. The true strength of a nation lies at the heart of its people, and at the walls of a holy place we call - HOME.

PEBA will be releasing a series of uplifting videos encouraging OFWs and Filipino to strengthen the bonds of unity and love within their families that will in turn strengthen the nation not just economically but morally.

If you want to participate and have your family photo added to videos such as this, please send them to

and we will be grateful for your participation.


Saturday, October 09, 2010

Top 10 Ways to Know You’re a Filipino

I’m a big supporter of the Philippine Expat Blog Awards (PEBA) and of Global Filipinos in general. I understand the sacrifices that they make to help better themselves and their family situations.
With that said, I am again supporting and promoting the 2010 Pinoy Expats Blog Awards (PEBA)!
The 2010 Philippine Expat / OFW Blog Awards (PEBA).
This is an event to celebrate Filipino Expats living overseas / abroad. The overseas foreign workers are heroes to the Philippines. These expatriates become foreigners as a sacrifice for their families and for their country. Please join us at this event that will be held sometime in December to honor the bloggers among them who share their stories of trials and triumphs.
For more info, check out their website at
To further support the 2010 Pinoy Expats / OFW Blog Awards, here’s a shot list to help you recognize global pinoys!
Below are the top 10 ways to recognize and spot Filipinos no matter where in the world you are.
These are the top ten ways to know you are a Filipino Pinoy or are from the Philippines.

Top 10 Ways to Know You’re a Filipino:

10. You carefully unwrap Christmas presents or Birthday gifts so you can reuse the gift wrappers next time
9. Your luggage is a “Balikbayan” box (huge shipping boxes)
8. You wrap EVERYTHING in plastic: Books, Bed Mattresses, Furniture, Couches / Sofas, Cell Phones, Cars… hell you even wrap your plastic in plastic!
alt alt alt
alt alt alt
7. You eat duck embryo or Balut
*Balut photo found at
6. You understand Pn0i Txt msgs Ktnxbye
MGNDang gbI P0Wh. Mzt N u? mIsz nA KITa sobRA. wLa NG iBNg bbE na CzeNg gNdA m. D2 aq nDe tK0t Ssbhn q xa U na wLa p0Wh aQ mMHliN NA ibng ba2e. U, mhl U bA Aq? kTnxBye
Tita Grly m 2. wLA aq xa BhY. D2 aq sa PEBA. W8 q u. kSMA Q na tito boy m at SiNa bongbOng, jUnjuN, jinjin, BmBm, noYNOY, lenLen, KrINgkRiNG, NeNe, annNN, JOJO, tiNtin, pEPe….
5. You react whenever you hear… Psssst
4. The letters P and F are the same
“Sir, da froject if pinish. I just need a fish of fafer and dat would be ferpect foh… ktnxbye”
3. Your nickname is a repetition (Bongbong, JunJun, Tintin etc)
3.5. You have an Uncle Boy or Auntie Girly (Or even an Auntie Baby)
2. You point with your lips
Pinoy GPS
1. No matter how famous, rich or successful you are… You just wanna sing some Kareoke
So sing along. You know you want to (See FULL VIDEO for this)
alt alt
This top 10 ways to spot a Filipino list and the video were shown at the 2009 Philippine Pinoy Expat / OFW Blog Awards (PEBA) held in the PhilAm Life Theatre on December 27, 2009 to honor the hardworking Filipinos from all over the world who have come home to spend time during the Holiday / Christmas season with their families in the Philippines. is a media partner.
For more info on the Philippine Expat / OFW Blog Awards, PEBA, event, you can visit:


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Quotes and FB Status

Exchange rate, 1 Saudi Riyal = 11.67 Pesos. 6 years ago, it was 15 pesos. We are improving economically, you think? I honestly point out that lives are getting more difficult, and exchange rate are getting lower and lower.

It's amazing what can I do even given a chance to hold only a piece of gadget in my work. I can connect to chat with my girls, read stats on FB, ör updates of the tweets. I can check my email and read blog entries. Welcome to the new world of Filipino Overseas!

Does it sound interesting that among the 10 Commandments, only one had a promise blessing? "Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long..."

‎"For us OFWs, we use our 'lantern' to light our way; to bring us inner joy; to guide our steps in this somewhat dark, unsure (and sometimes hostile) environment. That lantern may well as be our family's hope for the future, the love of our family, our personal dream, our personal faith, our struggle to make life better for ourselves..." - From the Kablogs Journal Magazine cover intro -

Don't feel you have to act differently than you normally would to connect with people, just be the real you, they might like you or not, but at least, you're real.

Exhaust all means to communicate with your families, especially your spouse and kids. They don't just want the money to be happy, they also want your love and your time and expressions.

 I've been hurt more than I succeeded, but I think I am living a happy life.

Someone who use swear or slur words as an expression only advertise their lack or poor vocabulary knowledge. We can be expressive without resorting to those eardrum-popping language. Honestly.

The world may turn upside down, with those I love and care - my family, it will still be a world full of courage, joy, meaning and without end.

I believe in goodness. So bring all the good that you've got and I'll bring mine, and let's see if it will make us all the better.

 ‎'The sweetest and most reassuring feelings of life, the most generous and satisfying impulses of the human heart, find expression in a marriage that stands pure above the evils of the world...such marriage is the desire -the hoped for, the longed for, the prayed for desire of men and women everywhere.' -Standing for Something, GB Hinckley

So many people have so many things to say, we call that, TALK and TALK. A few great men and women does the talking and actually work on those things, and that's what we call, WALK the TALK. So now I feel bad coz, I think I talked a lot, hmmn, I need to work hard. :)

When I looked into your eyes, I knew it was you I'd been waiting for - No sensational revelation - No chocolates and flower fanfares - No dramatic lines. Just love. And your fingers fits mine and we walk hand in hand along the way. (Now a lovely tot holding my other hand...) Thank you for coming.

 an öld friend in a chat message 'ang panget ko na nga, wala pa akong good manners, so ano na lang?' May point siya, di sa part na panget, kundi sa good manners. Lols!

Mrs. Thoughtskoto, my wife, whenever she's happy calls me with different name. sometimes she calls me; Plokplok, Dadaplok, Beavor, Beavoy, Dadaru, Hubski, Kwikwam, Beakbeak, Kwekiro, Doodle...lols! In fact I lost memory of the rest. You can tell, she is always happy, huh! (Wink wink*)

Jebee Kenji Solis maybe small but not his dreams, and his heart.

‎"Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." -Pres. Thomas S. Monson

A dashing wife told us today that husbands sometimes saying their wives are beautiful or a great cook or sexy. She said, those are the lies that she liked the most because somehow she feels good about it. Lols! Very funny, and very...cute!

All that we need is to have an open hand, open heart, and open mind to be simple as that.

Exactly half a dozen years ago, this very time and very day, I arrived at Carlton Hotel in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. What happened then? Oh, long history... It's not the number of years spent, or number of hair loss, lols, but the many friends we've had all through these years - Wow. How long will we stay here? We don't know.

“Giving a man a fish feeds him for one meal. Teaching a man to fish feeds him for a lifetime.”

By worlds standard, I may not be successful, but my life is rich, and full. I am an advocate of education, a blogger, a chemist, a lucky husband and a proud father. I have a loving wife, and an adorable daughter. My name is Jebee 'Kenji' Solis, and I am a Mormon.