A 14-year old OFW who just given a name "Amira" was sent by a recruiter to work in Saudi Arabia by forging her real age. having been experienced abuse and maltreatment, she decided to run away from her employer. She met a person who said he will help her but instead of doing so, he raped the poor OFW.
According to the report, poverty is what urged the girl to take her chances to apply abroad in spite of her very young age. The recruitment agency forged her papers and made her to look older in order to be able to deploy her in Saudi Arabia last year.
She made it to Saudi Arabia but she was maltreated and abused by her employer prompted her to leave her employer's house.
She met a foreign man who promised to help her but instead, she was sexually abused three times. She said she was able to escape to the man when he met an accident.