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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

9 Relaxing Wooden House Design For Nature-Loving Dwellers

Wood is an affordable and durable construction material. If you love to have a wooden house and see yourself as someone who finds refuge in nature, check the following best wooden houses that nature-loving dwellers like you will love! These houses are designed by ME Home!


House Design No. 1 — A warm half concrete half wood house!

A double-story home that is great for a growing family. A perfect choice for those who enjoy modernity and country charm. As you can see, this house has a beautiful color scheme, textured design, and classic layout! This house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a spacious hall, kitchen and relaxing front and back balcony on the top floor. Under its foundation, there's a multipurpose room, one bathroom, another kitchen, and a basement. The construction budget for this house is $98,000!


House Design No. 2 — Small Yet Beautiful Wooden House

Wood is the perfect material for your dream rest house in the countryside, just like this small but beautiful home with one bedroom and one bathroom. The living area of this small house is 25 square meters while the construction budget is more or less $38,000.

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House Design No. 3 — A Charming Wooden House

Wouldn't it be great if you had a beautiful wooden house where you could return after a tiring day at work? Wooden houses are made from natural materials and often feature gorgeous interiors and facade. This immediately creates a very soothing and relaxing environment like this twin house in the middle of nature!  The budget construction for one of this house is $35,000.

House Design No. 4 — A Lovely Garden Home

Wood may seem like a traditional building material. But it can look modern with minimalist design such as this garden home.  It has one bedroom, one bathroom, and living room. The total living area is 17 square meters and the construction budget is around $40,000.

House Design No. 5 — An Ideal Rest House

There is a certain kind of warm and comfort that wooden houses bring. Wood is the perfect material for your dream rest house by the countryside. This is a 50 square meter house with one bedroom and one bathroom. The construction budget is more or less $35,000.

House Design No. 6 — A Wooden House With Relaxing Terrace!

Cool and comfy. This is the best description for this house. What sets this house apart from the rest is its enviable terrace that acts as a design focal point where you can sit and relax with the natural atmosphere around.  Aside from being relaxing, this house is also open and welcoming. It has one bathroom, one-bedroom, and a living room. You need to have 50 square meter lot to have at least 40 sqm living area of this house.  The construction budget is more or less $35,000.

House Design No. 7 — A Modern Wood House

With its versatility, wood allows you to create beyond your imagination. Just look at how this house is. This two-bedroom home is both amazing insides out! It has one bathroom and a spacious kitchen. It could be your relaxing getaway for family recreation. The living area of this house is 69 square meters while the budget construction is around $55,000.

House Design No. 8 — A Homey Home!

The beautiful nature makes this house homier. A pleasantly comfortable and cozy house with a living area of 39 square meters. The construction budget of this house is around $29,000. This house is designed to have one bedroom and one bathroom that could be a perfect rest house in the countryside.

House Design No. 9 — A rectangular wooden house!

At first, it looks like a container house but this house is made of wood! It has one bedroom and one bathroom with a total living area of 52 square meters! The construction budget for this beautiful rectangular house is $49 square meters. 

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