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Friday, October 30, 2015

How to Manually Wrap Your Baggage with Cling Film

There are other options at the airport that will also cost you way cheaper and easier than doing it yourself but safety comes first. 


Lawyer Tips If You are Victimized By Tanim-Bala

Some Filipinos abroad are now afraid of visiting the Philippines after hearing reports that passengers at NAIA are being victimized by airport personnel who plant bullets in baggage.

Anong gagawin kung sinabi ng Xray Operator sa NAIA na may nakitang bala sa iyong bagahe. 1. Humingi ng screenshot ng...
Posted by PEBA, Inc. on Thursday, October 29, 2015


Another OFW Going to Japan, and Another Going To Australia, a Victim of Laglag-Bala o Tanim Bala?

Another OFW Going to Japan, and Another Going To Australia, a Victim of Laglag-Bala o Tanim Bala?

Who do you think is the culprit?
I believe it is a gang. It may not be those police working in NAIA or the security personnel's assigned to check your baggage's. But it is the very reason why we should all be vigilant.

2 more alleged 'tanim-bala' victims detained at NAIA

Those inspectors and police who file cases may just be doing their jobs. They will be relieve from their duties or remove from their jobs, but the other victim, an OFW will lose his job abroad, will be detained, will probably spend money to attend cases and will eventually have no job security that he/she will be able to go back abroad again. Family and future are destroyed. 

WE HAVE TO JOIN FORCES TOGETHER. Put CCTV's in all airports, closer and clearer and functioning CCTV's to easily traced who, where and when was the bullet planted to some innocent people who are just to make their lives better by working honestly. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to Avoid Tanim-Bala Scam and Extortion at NAIA

These are some of the suggestions on how to avoid being a victim of laglag-bala or tanim bala gang. 


State of the Nation Video with Senator Villar and Senator Bong Marcos calling for a Senate investigation on the incidence where an OFW, 56 years old Gloria Ortinez bound for Hongkong was detained for 3 days because of having a bullet in her hand carried bag. 

TV Patrol News video detailing two NAIA security personal was relieve from duty because of lapses in presenting evidence against Gloria Ortinez. The bullet found on the picture of her luggage and the bullet that was presented as evidence was visibly different. 


Kung sakali at mabiktima kayo ng laglag bala,ganito po ang gagawin ninyo:1. Kapag pinabuksan ang bagahe, huwag pumayag....
Posted by PEBA, Inc. on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

4 Filipina Caught In Hongkong, Victim of Drug Syndicate?

Four Filipina, one of which is a dentist, were caught with 2.5 kilo of cocaine in Hongkong. The suspects are claiming they are only victim of syndicate that offered free tour and Php 35,000 cash.

The bags they were using are also given to them by the group (syndicate).
According to the records of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency  this was not the first time that the group traveled to Hongkong. 


Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Ms. Gloria Ortinez, the OFW bound for Hongkong believed to be a victim of Laglag-Bala was freed without bail and may have the chance to be back to Hongkong and work as an OFW again because of the intervention of the people who supported her and because of the widespread clamor of the OFWs in social media and in various channels.

Watch the video below, news from TV Patrol.

But the bullet that was found from the OFW as reported earlier was different from the bullet submitted by the police as evidence. Anyare?
Watch the VIDEO via TV5 below where the lawyer explained what happened and where is the discrepancies. 
On the other hand
MIAA Manager Honrado Defends the Arrest of OFW in Laglag-Bala Incident

MIAA Manager Honrado Defends the Arrest of OFW in Laglag-Bala Incident

In a news report via GMA News entitled MIAA head Angel Honrado defends the arrest of a 56-year-old OFW named Gloria Ortinez, bound for Hongkong at NAIA airport yesterday.
At a Senate hearing on terminal fee refunds, Honrado said the police had to arrest the OFW, a 56-year-old woman on her way to Hong Kong, as the bullet had all the components of live ammunition.
Pro-OFW groups, however, said the OFW, identified as Gloria Ortinez, has been working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong for 20 years and did not fit the profile of someone who would smuggle live ammunition abroad.

Susan Ople of migrants' rights group Blas Ople Policy Center said the woman's travel history made it unlikely for her to bring live ammunition to the airport.

Villar, for her part, has called for an inquiry on complants against personnel of the Office for Transport Security (OTS), the group being blamed for the "laglag bala" extortion racket. 
"May nagsasabi... na palagi raw ganyang klaseng bala, pare-pareho daw ang nahuhuli sa airport. Kaya nagkaka-[idea] sila na talagang may modus operandi," she said. 

Read the full GMA News here

On another news:

A Japanese tourist’s homecoming was delayed on Sunday after he was arrested at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) when two bullets were detected in his baggage.
Kazunobu Sakamoto, 33, was charged with illegal possession of ammunition at the Pasay City prosecutor’s office when two 9mm bullets were found hidden inside the breast pocket of a long-sleeved shirt in his luggage.

According to a report from the Aviation Security Group (Avsegroup), Sakamoto was supposed to be on a Philippine Airlines flight to Haneda, Japan, but was stopped at around 5 p.m.Sunday, right at the departure area initial security screening checkpoint of the NAIA terminal 2.

Avsegroup National Capital Region head, Senior Supt. Ricardo Layug Jr. said that when the Japanese national’s baggage went through the x-ray scanner, a security screening officer of the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) noticed something resembling a bullet inside.
Layug said that the screening officer immediately informed the baggage inspector who told the foreigner that his luggage needed to be subjected to manual inspection.

Read more: 

Monday, October 26, 2015



 An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who was arrested for allegedly having a bullet in her luggage is in danger of losing her job in Hong Kong, her lawyer said Tuesday. 

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who was arrested for allegedly having a bullet in her luggage is in danger of losing her job in Hong Kong, her lawyer said Tuesday.
Atty. Spocky Farolan said his client, Gloria Ortinez, a household worker in Hong Kong, has yet to receive help from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).
"Ito po ang nakakalungkot: sa dami-dami na po ng mga government agency at mga opisyal na nagbigay ng pahayag, nagtataka po kami kung bakit wala pa kahit isa na pormal na komunikasyon na kami ay natanggap. Ni hindi pa man lang kami tinatawagan kahit ng OWWA para kamustahin ang kalagayan ni Nanay Gloria," Farolan told radio dzMM.
Farolan said they are independently clarifying Ortinez's employment status with her employer.
"Pagdating naman po sa kanyang employment, sa inisyal na usapan, baka nga po may panganib na baka hindi na talaga siya makabalik sa kanyang employer pero kinaklaro pa po namin. Ayaw pa po naming magsalita nang tapos hanggat hindi pa po nakakausap ulit iyung kanyang employer," he said.
Ortinez has been forced to stay in the country pending the investigation of her case.
Farolan added that Ortinez's employers had watched an interview on Umagang Kay Ganda where she said she is traumatized by her arrest after an airport screener found a bullet inside her bag.
News Source:

"Siyempre po, tulad ng kinatatakutan, kahit mahal na mahal siya ng kanyang employer, siyempre may agam-agam na sila... Umaasa kami na sana nga po, makabalik pa siya sa kanyang employer na ito. Pero kung hindi man, sa kasamaang palad, nandoon na iyung posibilidad na hindi," he said.
Ortinez earlier said she did not know about the bullet, especially since there was no bullet detected in her bag when she was at the Laoag International Airport.
She was later released without having to post bail after the fiscal's office said the evidence submitted by the members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Aviation Security Group is questionable.
PO3 Careen de Padua and PO1 Rommel Ballesteros were removed from their posts after the bullet they submitted to the fiscal's office was different from the one allegedly found in Ortinez's bag.
Ortinez also claimed that the airport officials who apprehended her forced her to pick up the bullet.
Farolan said ABS-CBN has helped Ortinez in seeking immediate help from a psychiatrist. The OFW is also coordinating with doctors from the University of the Philippines for long-term counseling.
Ortinez's camp is also seeking help from the Office of the Ombudsman should the OWWA remain impassive.
"Pinag-aaralan po namin kung ano iyung mga worst case scenario, paano nga kapag hindi na tinanggap--ano ba ang mga options, ano ang mga pwedeng gawin. Kasi po, officially, wala pa kaming counselling na ganoon na inaasahan sana namin na sa OWWA manggagaling," Farolan said.
"May kapangyarihan po ang Ombudsman na mag-imbestiga at maaari rin nilang utusan ang NBI. Dahil iyun ang mas sanay sa pagsasaliksik, ang NBI at DOJ, para talagang aralin sino ba talaga ang may pakana nito," he added. 
Another victim, another OFW from Hongkong was a victim of LAGLAG BALA GANG. We call on the attention of our leaders to investigate this matter and to put a lot of CCTV's in the area. I think, I believe, as an OFW, this woman is innocent and is a victim of the laglag-bala gang. What will be the benefit of bringing one piece of bullet in exchange for her dreams and aspirations for 30 years as OFW?
screenshot from ABS-CBN News

This news via HONGKONG NEWS: A domestic worker bound for Hong Kong was prevented from leaving the Philippines after security personnel found a bullet in her bag. Members of the Office for Transportation Security [OTS] claimed that they found a bullet of a Carbine rifle in her hand carry bag on Sunday afternoon at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminal 2.  Gloria Ortinez, 56, claimed that she was a victim of “tanim bala” (bullet planting) when she arrived at the NAIA terminal 4 at 4:30 p.m. from Laoag International Airport on October 25, 2015. 
She said she transferred to NAIA Terminal 2 for her supposed 7:00 p.m. flight for Hong Kong when OTS personnel allegedly planted a bullet of carbine rifle in her hand carry bag when it went through the x-ray machine at the NAIA Terminal 2 departure area.Ortinez said all her life she had never seen a bullet of a Carbine rifle and she worked in Hong Kong for more than 20 years as domestic helper.
Ortinez was detained after the PNP AVESEU-NCR filed an illegal possession of live ammunition against her before the Pasay City prosecutor’s office on Monday afternoon. The victim is languishing behind bars after she failed to post a bail of P80,000 for her temporary liberty. Read more here


Why it is More Safer To Wrap Your Baggages When You Travel?

MIAA Manager Honrado Defends the Arrest of OFW in Laglag-Bala Incident


Ms Gloria Ortinez, our OFW who was arrested at NAIA can go back to Hong Kong tonight or tomorrow according to Eppie...
Posted by Joey Ortega on Monday, October 26, 2015


Sunday, October 25, 2015


"This video shows a solar energy setup here in Manila, Philippines. There are three 40 watt panels, a 10 watt panel and a 5 watt panel. Suitable for charging devices, lighting and much more.
The 5 watt panel either runs a USB fan or charges a 1.7Ah Lithium-ion battery.
The 10 watt panel charges a 7Ah deep cycle battery which runs a raspberry pi connected to ethernet.
The 3x40 watt panels (120 watt total) charge a 100 Ah solarmaster (motolite brand) battery which I use for charging gadgets like phones, tablets and the kind of thing. I also have a 500 watt inverter connected so I could potentially run pretty much any household item in an emergency situation."


What are the things needed?
1. Solar Panel
100Watts (2 50W Panel)
Estimated Cost: P2,400

2. Solar Charge Controller
Estimated Cost: P680.00

3. 100W Inverter from 12V to 220V
Estimated Cost: P550.00 to P1,000
4. Car Battery 
Estimated Cost: P2,300
 5. LED Bulb 1.5W LED Bulb for Solar Energy Kit
Php 200.00

6. DC Fan ( for Solar)
Php 390.00

This is the mounted 2 pcs 50Watts  Solar Panel and the LED TV that a friend used.


READY TO USE SOLAR POWER, already set-up.

Solar Energy Kit with USB Mobile Charger

Php 1,880.00


How practical is solar power for PH home owners?

A Makati homeowner shares how he is able to cut his electricity bill by half using solar power

ABUNDANT. Mike De Guzman's wide roof is an ideal place to install solar panels.


How To Apply For SSS Salary Loan

UPDATED December 2019

Being a member of SSS not only helps us prepare for our retirement and enjoy health care benefits. For many getting a salary loan can also be a big help in case of financial emergency. The following information and procedures must be observed.

To be eligible for SSS loan, you needed to meet the following:

1. You must be either self-employed/ employed/ a voluntary paying member or OFW
2. You need to be an active contributing member for the last 6 months.
3. You need to have at least 36 months' contribution to apply for a one-month loan or 72 months contribution for 2 months loan and so on.
4. Under 65 years of age.
5. You have not been disqualified before due to fraud against SSS.

What are the documents you have to submit?

1. Member loan application form SSS Form ISL-101

2. SSS ID or E-6 acknowledgment card + 2 valid IDs with signature and at least one with photo.

Sample image of Loan Application form

E-6 Stub should be signed and received

The self-employed voluntary member, non-working spouse, farmer or fishermen, household helper or overseas worker should submit an accomplished SSS Form ISL-101, as well as a digitized SSS ID Card or E-6. Two valid identification cards are also required, with at least one showing your recent photo and birth date. For the valid identification cards, the SSS will accept the TIN or tax identification number card, school or company ID, unexpired driver’s license, PRC or Professional Regulation Commission card, postal ID or passport.

If filed by Member-borrower's Authorized Representative the following has to be  included 

  1. Authorized Representative's SS card or any two valid IDs both with signature and at least one with photo
  2. Letter of Authority (LOA) signed by both the member-borrower and member-borrower's authorized representative.
  3. Make sure that at least one of your IDs have your signature on them.
The Process of SSS Loan Application
Applying for an SSS loan can be done submitting the required documents to any of the following:

  •  Any SSS main or regional office. 
  • SSS Representative Offices in selected countries.
  • Online through My.SSS account. You can register here.
  • They may also send the application and supporting documents to :

Foreign Branch Expansion and Monitoring Department 
3/F SSS Building
 East Avenue
 Diliman, Quezon City 
or fax (632-435-9814).

The one-month and two-month loans are payable for a period of two years. The annual interest of the salary loan is 10%. The salary loan can be renewed after the prescribed two years. There is a service fee of 1% from the proceeds of the loan and a penalty of 1% interest each month for failure to pay. The first deduction from the salary will be made on the second month after the date of the loan.
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