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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Top 10 Hard-To-Fill Positions/Jobs For Overseas Placement

The following information is taken from the survey (from agencies and Government Placement Branch) and study conducted by the  Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) through the Manpower Development Division of Employment Branch, Welfare and Employment Office. 

The survey is aimed to identify preferred skills in priority industries to boost promotion and preservation of the jobs of Filipino workers for the Project Job Fit: DOLE 2020 Vission by the  Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).
"A survey-questionnaire was sent to 307 landbased placement agencies and 99 seabased/manning agencies. Responses came from 88 landbased placement agencies and 39 manning agencies. The Government Placement Branch and the Manpower Registry Division (MRD) of Employment Branch were the respondents for our government-hiring program. "

The Top 10  Hard-To-Fill Positions for Overseas Placement

1.  Mechanical Engineer

2.  Welder

3.  Land Surveyor

4.  Mechanical Technician

5.  Planning Engineer 

6.  Architect  
     Instrument Pipe Fitter
     Instrument Technician
     Staff Nurse

7.  Electrical Engineer  
     HVAC Design Engineer  
     Structural Engineer

8.  Electrician  
     NDT Technician  
     Pest Control Technician  
     Physical Therapist  
     Project Manager

9.  Auto Electrician (with Computerized Diagnosing)  
     Chemical Engineer  
     Crane Operator  
     Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic  
     Pipe Fabricators  
     Professional Auto Cad Operator  
     QA/H.S.E. Engineer  
     Tig Welders (Copper/Nickel)

10. Accountant 
      Auto Denter 
     Bio Medical Engineer 
     Bulk Plant Operator 
     Electrical Motor Technician 
     Heavy Equipment Operator 
     Industrial Electricians 
     Interior Design 
     Laboratory Technician 
     Service Crew 
     Steel Piling Foreman 
     Welding Inspector

"The top-ranking hard-to-fill positions are predominantly identified in the Middle East countries by 88 respondent land based agencies were mostly professionals and technicians and associate professionals.
The reasons why the skills/occupations are hard-to-fill were identified by the Government Placement Branch (GPB) and Manpower Registry Division of the Employment Branch such as;
1. applicants opted to apply to countries with offer of residency, better compensation and package,
2. there is a limited supply of paralegal specialist, and last 
3. few qualified nurses registered to our E-Registration System maybe due of 2 to 3 years hospital working experience.  "

The table below shows the ranking together with the corresponding countries where the particular job is in demand. 

The following data identifies each country with the corresponding hard-to-fill- positions, with Saudi Arabia and Qatar having the biggest number of hard-to-fill- jobs.

According to the survey the usual reasons why positions/skills are hard-to-fill indicates the following as the most common:
a. Lack of applicants with at least two years experience or more in the area of expertise 
b. Most in-demand workers were already deployed 
c. Principal/employer requires a high standard of qualifications, terms and conditions