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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

How To Sign Up For POEA E-Registry Account

With the recent updates on recruitment processes of OFWs, just like the new system implemented for recruitment in Taiwan where recruitment process doesn't go through any private agency. Many are wondering how do they sign up so that their resume and credentials could be included in the registry system of Government Placement Branch or GPB and be considered for a job.

The following are step by step procedures to complete your e-registry profile.
To register or log-in to your account visit here.
 For new users click on the "REGISTER HERE" button, or if you already have an account you may edit the information by logging in.

If you click on the "REGISTER HERE" button you will be lead to this page:
By cllicking on the "CONTINUE" button, you will be prompted to enter the personal information on another page.  Remember or write down the User Name and Password you have entered. That will give you access to log-in again and modify your information next time.
 You will also be asked to input the information about your school.
At the end of each pages you needed to click "SAVE" and/or "CONTINUE" button, so you can go to the next step.
 As you enter the details of your work experience, it will be handy to have by your side a copy of your resume while doing this.
 If you have any training or certification provided by your previous employer, enter the information too.
 You can also enter into the registry information about your vocational training provided by TESDA or other accredited training centers in the Philippines, or your PRC license information if any.

Other information you may need enter includes languages that you can speak, job you are looking for, country of your preference, and other things. They will also ask you if it is ok to release your information to private agencies.
Once you are done and you have saved it. A summary page will come up. You may click on the photo so that you can upload your photo.
Congratulations you have successfully created a profile for the Government Placement Branch. They will have access to your contact information, skills and match or endorse you to a prospective employer. 
Remember that to keep your account/profile active you needed to log-in within 6 months.