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Sunday, October 04, 2015

12 Yea-Old Girl in Quezon City Suffer Encephalitis after Measles and Tetanus Vaccine

A 12 yea-old girl from Quezon city suffered encephalitis after getting vaccine for measles and tetanus a week before.

The parents said their daughter was very healthy prior to getting the vaccine.

The Department of Health said a viral infection caused the encephalitis. But the vaccine might not be the real cause of encephalitis because it has been certified by World Health Organization.

However the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published information that:
"Measles inclusion body encephalitis, or severe brain swelling caused by the measles virus, is a complication of getting infected with the wild-type measles virus.  While rare, this disorder almost always happens in patients with weakened immune systems. The illness usually develops within 1 year after initial measles infection and has a high death rate. There have been three published reports of this complication happening to vaccinated people. In these cases, encephalitis developed between 4 and 9 months after MMR vaccination. In one case, the measles vaccine strain was identified as the cause."