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Friday, October 24, 2008

Some Facts: Crying is Healthy

Did you know that?

There was a study done where a control group of 100
people were  divided into two.
50 people watched very funny, tears-of laughter type

50 watched a very sad and tears of compassion type movie.

At the end of the sessions researchers collected the
 "happy  tears" and the sad tears" with eye droppers.

They found that "happy tears" are made up of
brine... salt water  and not a great deal else

However the "sad tears" were found to contain
 the very same  chemicals and enzymes that are found in tumors,
ulcers and  other such lumps and bumps and sicknesses through out the body.

 This test concluded that the body, when crying in sadness
 etc is  literally flushing out all of the toxic-chemicals that
accumulate and  are a part of the sadness /heartache experience.

Therefore if one holds back those tears, those
toxic-waters will   find somewhere else to deposit themselves.. .
 and prolonged lack-of-crying- release will guarantee that the body will
 accumulate a  huge amount of internal pollution and toxicity that should
have been  released through the tears.......
 is it any wonder that the  eyes sting
so much when we hold back our tears?

 So maybe that's why men die earlier, huh? Women cries while men stick to their pride.


Thoughtskoto - weblogs about reality and opinions.
Rants and observations and musings about faith, hope as well as life and love.


Monday, October 13, 2008

The First Time I Love Forever

This is by far the most favorite song I ever have all time, all my life. I grow up with this song. I dedicated this to my wife and before we get married I made sure she heard this song. In coincidence or an assurance, she has an MP3 in her Sony Ericsson phone! Mixed with the song is a poem by E. E. Cummings entitled 'Somewhere I have Never Travelled'

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled 

Somewhere I have never travelled,

Gladly beyond any experience,

Your eyes have their silence:

In your most frail gesture are things which enclose me, 

Or which I cannot touch because they are too near 

Your slightest look easily will unclose me 

Though I have closed myself as fingers, 

You open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens

(touching skillfully, mysteriously) her first rose.

Or if your wish be to close me,

I and my life will shut very beautifully, suddenly, 

As when the heart of this flower imagines

The snow carefully everywhere descending; 

Nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals

The power of your intense fragility: whose texture

Compels me with the colour of its countries, 

Rendering death and forever with each breathing 

(I do not know what it is about you that closes

And opens; Only something in me understands

The voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses)

Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands 

E. E. Cummings 

The Lyrics of the Song

-The First Time I Loved Forever-

The first time I loved forever
Was when you whispered my name
And I knew at once you loved me
For the me of who I am..

The first time I loved forever
I cast all else aside
And I bid my heart to follow
Be there no more need to hide..

And if wishes and dreams are merely for children
And if love's a tale for fools
I'll live the dream with you..

For all my life and forever
There's a truth I will always know
When my world divides and shatters
Your love is where I'll go...

Thoughtskoto - weblogs about reality and opinions.
Rants and observations and musings about faith, hope as well as life and love.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Will Not Always be the Same

My brother arrived from vacation and brought with him hundreds of photos of my hometown, my friends, my cousins and relatives, and the places I missed myself after nearly a decade.

There are many nephews and nieces I can't recognize, and toddler's names I don't know. Some of my cousin get big, not just in sizes, but problems as well. Some becomes too dark, and too skinny. Almost all my Uncle's and Aunt's have gray hairs and Grandma can't see anymore.

Almost all my friends changed either the shape of their face or the size of their bodies. Some of my most admired people in our place are not admirable anymore. Some feared man when I was young is reduce to almost nothing now. Some people who possessed great lands and wealth are selling their lands now. Some beauty queens I know are now domestic helpers in Hongkong or Singapore, and my valedictorian classmate who married a rich man is now separated and she is now working in Dubai.

Some good people I wanted to emulate are not nice anymore. Some powerful politician are not powerful anymore. Some small and simple people before are leaders in our place now, some poor people before are not poor anymore.

There is a cycle in life. Life really is a lot like a wheel, sometimes, you're up, sometimes too you're down. But when you "do good continually" and live life the way you wanted it to be, treat others the way you want them to treat you, then life goes on, progressing, inch by inch, towards our goal.
There are some shortcut to glory, but it's dangerous and could lead to failure. The proven way to live life and be successful is to be patient in working and striving for those dreams.

I never thought I will be this goodlooking guy (here we go again, please forgive me of my honesty and overbearing vanity) and never would I thought marrying someone so beautiful (no one will question me that). (:-

We will not always be the same, the way we look, the way we think, the way we are, but somethings will stay the same and will never change. The memories of the past cannot be altered, but they can be cherished. The memories can renewed the friendship we build, and build enthusiasm in our busy lives and keep in touch to those we care and love.

We will not always be the same, our physical and mental and emotional aspects in life will always improve or wear out, but that is life, like a wheel.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Every day is a Challenge

Everyday is a challenge, I always remind people and my wife about that. I am constantly battling with challenges from work, family, personal and many others I face day by day.

The moment I wake up in the morning, perhaps some of you are deep in to sleep, (4:00AM!) I feel and always reminded by the challenges. Waking itself by the way is a challenge since it's just feel better to sleep specially that winter is coming. Me and my wife will then kneel and pray, as I hurriedly prepare myself and my dearest girlfriend diligently prepares my pack lunch and snacks. 

The moment I step out of the door, 4:50 AM is always a challenge. There are times I will be walking along the streets alone and it's dark, not many people are starting their work too early just like me. Walking for 10 minutes going to the highway where the bus will pick me up is also a challenge, you know some out of mind people might be interested to toy and play with this cute, small, and goodlooking guy. (nyehaha)

The moment you step in the bus, is another challenge. I have tremendous trust with our driver, but how about other drivers who haven't sleep or who went partying all night? Report says KSA was the highest car accident country in the world. If you live outside our cocoon, you won't understand. But if you worked or lived or been to here, you know what I mean. That one thing alone, driving here scares me that during my driving test, the tire on the drivers side touched the white line during parking. (whew! but I am not giving it, and I am going to go again this time till I get my Saudi driving license, back home, I drove and drove till my pick up truck went turtle know? Warning: Don't do this and don't experiment, believe me, you're not as elastic as I am.) Honestly, I run 120 Km/H and my driver's side tire exploded...

When I get to worked, the much harder challenges confront me. Being in charge of the quality of a thriving drinking water business is a challenge. 

When you get home, the moment you step in the door, you'll hear the baby laughs or mumble words or cries, that's another challenge. A toodler will take most of your time, you wont have that much time to post a blog, and your wife can't cook foods or clean the house, but perhaps it is a challenge that bears satisfaction and tremendous joy. Family.

Some of the greatest challenges we have in life are those about our families and those closest to us. David O. Mckay says, 'There is no success that can compensate for failure in the home.' Mitt Romney said "The greatest work you are doing, are the works done within the walls of your home." I believe those two quotes. That's why working for the betterment of our family, the strengthening of our commitment and love to one another, the building of a joyful place called home, and the rearing of children that someday they will become the strength to light on the seemingly dimming world. That is a huge challenge. Sometimes as a young father, it seems insormountable, sometimes, it seems impossible to achieve.

But the smile of a beautiful baby girl, is enough to wipe those fears and doubts and move on and be strong so that the baby girls future will be better. The love of a woman so lovely and kind and caring is enough to make me excited and be inspired, in battling those challenges. The best thing where we can draw strength is not the worldly status we achieve or the material wealth we acquired, but the love of those around us, our families, and friends.

Every challenges we overcome anyway, added strength and experienced to our life, thereby making us more brave and more better the next time.

Thoughtskoto - weblogs about reality and opinions.
Rants and observations and musings about faith, hope as well as life and love.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

72 Hour Kit Haunts Me In My Dreams

My wife posted this blog entry to her site over Pink Purple and Anything.

I like it so I am quoting it here.

'My dh is always amazed by how I can remember dreams that I have each night, sometimes I can tell him 3 different dreams I had at the same night. Anyway, for many months I keep on dreaming about calamities happening back in Philippines, sometimes earthquakes, hurricane, flood, etch. And in all of those dreams I'm always left behind carrying 72 hour kit or looking for it.'

"Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been counseled to have a food storage and be prepared for an emergency which includes having a 72 hour kit. This kit should be put together in a practical manner so that you can carry it with you if you ever need to evacuate your home. It is also important to prepare one for each member of your family who is able to carry one."

'You might be wond'ring that I have a 72 hour bag well prepared... sorry but you are wrong. These are the only things I have in the bag:
  • all our important documents in two plastic folders wrapped in plastic bag
  • some canned foods, (2 cans tuna, 2 cans sardines)
  • 3 bars of chocolate and a pack of dried fruits
  • flashlight
  • first aid medicines (band aid, alcohol prep pads, paracetamol tablets, ibufropen)
Today I've decided I have to add other things I might as well need:
  •  3 pcs baby blankets and some baby clothes, wet wipes and 9 pcs. diapers
  • 2 big blankets for the family
  • 500 grams corn flakes cereals 
  • 2 cans whole kernel corn 
  • lighter and candle
  • jewelries and some money
  • paper, pen, pocket knife and lots of plastic sheets
  • disposable dish utensils for 3 days
And together with these I have a 2.5 galoon water we can easily pick at the kitchen.'

Do you anything in mind that she might have forgotten? Please read the rest of her entry here.

Thoughtskoto - weblogs about reality and opinions.
Rants and observations and musings about faith, hope as well as life and love.