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Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Will Not Always be the Same

My brother arrived from vacation and brought with him hundreds of photos of my hometown, my friends, my cousins and relatives, and the places I missed myself after nearly a decade.

There are many nephews and nieces I can't recognize, and toddler's names I don't know. Some of my cousin get big, not just in sizes, but problems as well. Some becomes too dark, and too skinny. Almost all my Uncle's and Aunt's have gray hairs and Grandma can't see anymore.

Almost all my friends changed either the shape of their face or the size of their bodies. Some of my most admired people in our place are not admirable anymore. Some feared man when I was young is reduce to almost nothing now. Some people who possessed great lands and wealth are selling their lands now. Some beauty queens I know are now domestic helpers in Hongkong or Singapore, and my valedictorian classmate who married a rich man is now separated and she is now working in Dubai.

Some good people I wanted to emulate are not nice anymore. Some powerful politician are not powerful anymore. Some small and simple people before are leaders in our place now, some poor people before are not poor anymore.

There is a cycle in life. Life really is a lot like a wheel, sometimes, you're up, sometimes too you're down. But when you "do good continually" and live life the way you wanted it to be, treat others the way you want them to treat you, then life goes on, progressing, inch by inch, towards our goal.
There are some shortcut to glory, but it's dangerous and could lead to failure. The proven way to live life and be successful is to be patient in working and striving for those dreams.

I never thought I will be this goodlooking guy (here we go again, please forgive me of my honesty and overbearing vanity) and never would I thought marrying someone so beautiful (no one will question me that). (:-

We will not always be the same, the way we look, the way we think, the way we are, but somethings will stay the same and will never change. The memories of the past cannot be altered, but they can be cherished. The memories can renewed the friendship we build, and build enthusiasm in our busy lives and keep in touch to those we care and love.

We will not always be the same, our physical and mental and emotional aspects in life will always improve or wear out, but that is life, like a wheel.


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