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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Hunting for House Design? Here are 5 Boxy Houses Small to Spacious!

Boxy also known as box houses are so in right now. They can be small and simple to spacious and sleek houses you can choose for your family regardless of how many members you have. You don't need to worry about its style because basically, they belong in the modern category of houses. This means you should absolutely consider if you are hunting for house designs. 

Box house can be big or small, beautiful or simple! Small box houses can be considered as affordable living homes that you can build within your small budget. The construction cost of building this house can be minimal compared to other styles. So if you are looking for a small house design with two or three bedrooms, you may consider building a box house. Check these five examples that we have for your inspiration!

(If you are looking for more house designs, watch this video)


House Design No. 1


House Design No. 2

House Design No. 3

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House Design No. 4

House Design No. 5

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