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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Easy to Install Solar Power with 3 Lights and Phone Charger for Only P1,000

This solar power that is worth a thousand pesos comes with a 9V DC Input, and a built in 6Vah rechargeable sealed lead acid battery with a voltage range from 110V to 240V, 50/60Hz. 

This model product is MorganStar GDlite Solar Lighting System ideal for some of us who live or with relatives who live up in the mountain or to places where electricity is not yet available. You can easily purchase the item via Lazada without paying because you can have it delivered, and pay it cash on delivery. 

Watch a Filipino family unboxing the solar power system.

CLICK THE LINK BELOW IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS ITEM FOR P999. No need to pay online. Just order and pay when they deliver into your house and pay only the exact amount of P999.

Yes, you can order even you are abroad, and you don't need to pay right away. You or your family can pay the item/s upon delivery.
The box comes with the following:
1 x Solar Panel 
3 x Bulb 
1 x LED Torch 
1 x Universal Charger 
1 x Solar Led Light Rechargeable Hand Lamp

 There are other items available with different styles and designs, and other higher wattage and specifications depending on your needs. 

Note, we are not in anyway, affiliated to the seller or the company selling the product. We only provide information for others to know, and product quality is not guaranteed. Visitors and those interested buyers are requested to verify the product featured on this post.
Watch the video below how she set-up her small simple solar system.



"This video shows a solar energy setup here in Manila, Philippines. There are three 40 watt panels, a 10 watt panel and a 5 watt panel. Suitable for charging devices, lighting and much more. The 5 watt panel either runs a USB fan or charges a 1.7Ah Lithium-ion battery.

The 10 watt panel charges a 7Ah deep cycle battery which runs a raspberry pi connected to ethernet. The 3x40 watt panels (120 watt total) charge a 100 Ah solarmaster (motolite brand) battery which I use for charging gadgets like phones, tablets and the kind of thing. I also have a 500 watt inverter connected so I could potentially run pretty much any household item in an emergency situation."

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