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Monday, July 18, 2016


The Kuwait government has issued a new system or guidelines  for the medical testing process for the Department of Health accredited medical clinics who are conducting medical tests for all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) bound to Kuwait.
According to Winston,KW,an international testing institution contracted by the Kuwaiti government,the new system aims to benefit the OFWs,medical clinics and licensed recruitment agencies from the wrong medical results that causes inconvenience on thre part of the OFW which includes deportation or repatriation due to errors of the old medical testing system.
The issue arise when the Kuwaiti employers complained about "unfit" foreign emlpoyees being sent to them by the recruitment agencies as a result of erroneous tests  allegedly by the
"corrupt" medical clinics.
Ahmed Menwer,winston KW general manager said that the new guidelines is now being implemented in different  labor sending countries like Egypt,Sri Lanka,Jordan,India and soon the Philippines.
Winston KW,assures that the OFWs will be using high quality equipments and reagents that their clinics provide prior to  their deployment to Kuwait.
The new system,proven to be successful in other labor sending countries because of their strict implementation is expected to be a milestone in the Philippines to strengthen the relationship between the country and State of Kuwait.

Albay Second District Rep. Joey Salceda on Monday filed a resolution that seeks to investigate a Php530-million fraud targeting overseas job applicants for Kuwait through a private company known as WINSTON Q8 Certification Solutions, Inc.
House Resolution No. 220 directs appropriate committees of the House of Representatives to conduct an inquiry into the new certification and medical screening process introduced by WINSTON Q8 and the Embassy of Kuwait.
Salceda said that the Philippine government should not allow a foreign embassy to intrude in its policies to protect the welfare of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) through a “questionable and highly irregular medical screening and certification process.”
”Those aspiring to work in Kuwait cut across all regions, and represent workers seeking a better life. We should not allow WINSTON Q8 to earn from the backs of these prospective overseas workers, especially not at the instigation of a foreign embassy,” Salceda said.
”The House inquiry will help establish culpability in relation to this embassy-sponsored fraud and remedial legislation to further protect our OFWs,” he added.
The medical certifications company described itself as a Philippine-based company that represents the Ministry of Health of Kuwait.
All participating medical clinics will be subjected to strict inspection,selection and approval by the representatives of Kuwait Ministry Of health to be sure that they have high standards and ISO-certified.
Clinics who will fail to follow the new system will be penalized.
Kuwait Ambassasdor to the Philippines Waleed al Kandary assures that he will help with the implementation of the new system for the protection of the OFWs in Kuwait.He will lead the series of meetings with  all the  patrticipating stake holders to talk about the new agreement that will benefit all parties.
Full implementation of the new medical test system in the Philippines will begin within the coming weeks.

In accordance with the said rule,Winston KW has released an a
announcement to all DOH accredited medical and diagnostic clinics who are interested to apply for the confirmation of eligibility.