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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

45 Small to Medium Size Beautiful Home Blueprints and Floor Plans

The following are 45 pictures of small to medium sized house plans. It has floor plans also for you to visualize the interior of these houses. Some of this are three-bedroom while there are two bedrooms two for a small family. 

Every family's dream is to have a house for every member to feel happy, contented and secure. But remember, dream or goal without work is dead. So be inspired by these beautiful houses, work hard and save and one day you will be able to build and own your dream house.


13 Modern Bungalow Houses with Specification, Design and Floor Plans
Here are some designs of Bungalow houses from the website that Filipinos can re-create here in the country. We all know that Bungalow houses are timeless and beneficial for homeowners with kids or living with old age since it has an accessible floor plan and one-storey layouts.

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8 Bungalow Houses that Combines Style and Comfort + 7 Advantage of Bungalow Living
When building a house, design is important, but as a homeowner, you must consider also the advantage of living in a house with a specific design.

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50 Modern Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Living Room

Adequate lighting is important to brighten your living room. That is why right lighting design in your ceiling is vital to add more beauty to the entire room. Does corner lights enough, or do you need some modern and sophisticated chandeliers? Well, it's up to you, what important is, there is a correlation between your ceiling and your living room to make an impact not just for your guest but to satisfy yourself on the ambiance you like inside your dwelling space.

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