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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

5 Small But Inspiring House Design You Need to See Before Building Your Own

For those who have dreamed of having a small home lot and looking for a beautiful house design to construct, we have compiled in this post five small house ideas that are inspiring especially for those single living or those who have a small family to live with. We are sure that each one of them will inspire you to create your own house soon. These houses are modern that are beautiful, simple, and perfect for your needs.


House Design No. 1

A perfect house for those who want to live alone. It is also ideal for couples. This house is a one-bedroom and one bathroom in a 24 SQM living area. One-bedroom house plans give you many options with minimal square footage. This one is also perfect as a starter home, vacation home, or rental unit. Stay on budget with this modern and beautiful house design.

Inside this cute house, you will find an open-concept layout. To make this small house design feel bigger, it has wide wooden porches, perfect for giving you more space for outdoor entertainment.


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House Design No. 2 — This one is a one-story minimalist house in Japanese architecture. A house with a very simple exterior but check the interior before you judge. This is a two-bedroom home that is ideal for couples and small families alike. A small one but have enough spaces for everything and offer more comfort.

The interior is simple with clean lines and uses a monochromatic palette with a color white. The wooden furniture inside as gives this house a beautiful and clean accent. Aside from that this house combines an open floor plan, lots of light, and functional furniture. 

House Design No. 3 — Here we see a small house with a simple structure built with concrete and stones that make it look even more charming. A beautiful house with a tiled roof and a small terrace that can be used by owners to enjoy the landscape.

This house plan is consists of two bedrooms and one shared toilet and bath, but good enough for small families. Indeed, it is not important to make a massive size house to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Instead, you can create a place that is compact and familiar. 

House Design No. 4 — A small house with a similar accent to our house number 2 but comes in different designs. This house with a modern design has a large front terrace that you can use for creating a beautiful and modern garden with potted plants. The spacious terrace also serves as a house extension for space and outdoor recreation. For the interior, combining different materials can create a beautiful looking place. For this one, wood and concrete give a great personality to the whole place.

House Design No. 5— A contemporary style house like this is perfect for every environment, whether it is in the countryside or urban areas. This one is consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 1 living hall, 1 car park, in a total usable area of 100 SQM. 

For those who want to make their small living room looks bigger, check this video:


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