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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Vacation Time: World's Most Amazing Lakes

Vacation time! Right now, I presume there are already countless numbers of your friends posting pictures of their vacation. For this coming spring and summer vacation we would like to feature some of the best places you could go. Enjoy the beauty of nature, and the extraordinary thing you thought doesn't exist. Who would have thought that there is bubble gum pink, red, luminous, heart shape, turquoise and many shades of colourful lakes.  This is not a fairy tale, but it is real and amazing. So here it is and enjoy as you watch and browse through the pictures. 

1. Plitvice Lake, Croasia- consists of 16 lakes. Its lakes are arranged in cascades and interconnected and follow the water flow. 

2. The Red Lake/ Laguna Colorada, Bolivia- a red shallow salt lake that. The red pigment is caused by red sediments and pigments of algae. 

3. Peyto Lake, Canada- Known for its bright turquoise color, which is caused by glacial rock flour coming from the mountains surrounding it. 

4. Flathead Lake, USA- It has a crystal clear water with a maximum depth of 113m  and average of  50.2 m

5.HIller Lake, Australia - Pink Lake

Lake Retba, Senegal-  Pink Lake

6. Carrera Lake, Chile-  Right at the middle of the lake is the Marble Caves

7. Shimshal Lake, Pakistan- The heart shape of the lake makes it really amazing.

8. Gippsland Lakes, Australia- Known for its bioluminescense because of growing population of the plankton species Noctiluca Scintillans. It is also a home to 50 species of dolphins and wildlife.

9. Lake Baikal, Russia- World's deepest fresh water lake. During winter, turquoise ice cubes are formed on top of the lake.

10. Five Flower Lake/Jiuzhaigou, China- known for its amazing color. According to legend, an ancient Goddess dropped the mirror given to her by her lover. It broke into 108 pieces and its reflection causes this colorful effects on the lake. 

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