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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Pinoy Male Was Caught as a Women Salon Hairdresser?

How true is this story that a male Filipino hairdresser was wearing a wig and pretended to be a woman and works in a hairdresser Salon? 

Video from Arabic news Saati. Please watch the video. 

"Saudi police arrested a Filipino disguised as a female hairdresser at a women’s saloon in the conservative Gulf Kingdom.

A YouTube film published in the Saudi Arabic language daily 'Sada 'showed the Filipino wore a wig, make up and women’s dress at the saloon in the capital Riyadh."

We are trying to verify the video if the guy is indeed a Filipino. We would like to remind the OFWs in the Kingdom that only female workers are allowed in women's salon. 

Nevertheless we would like to forward this attention to our Consulate and Embassy. This is sad but we also don't know the real story and the reason behind. We would like to exhort our fellow OFWs to obey the rules of the Kingdom.