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Friday, April 10, 2015


The memorandum circular of POEA requiring recruitment agencies deploying household workers to have a mandatory Facebook account or pages.
POEA will monitor this Facebook accounts and pages of the agencies and recruitment agencies. POEA believes that through this way, the OFWs specifically those deployed as Household Services workers or Kasambahay as well as their families will have access and can communicate conveniently to the agencies in cases of emergencies. 

1. 7107 Islands Placement & Promotions Inc
2. 818 International Manpower Corporation
3. 10th Story Placement Agency, Inc.
4. 1st Northern International Placement Inc
5. 2000 Miles Placement Agency, Inc.
6. 5 Star Recruitment & Manpower Corporation
7. A.S.H. Manpower International Services
8. AB International Placement Inc
9. ABC Manpower Agency Inc
10. ABCA International Corporation
11. ABD Overseas Manpower Corp
12. Abraham Manpower Global Inc
13. Access Africa Human Resources Corporation
14. Ace Globe Mgt & Consultancy Services Corp
15. Adana Manpower Services Corporation
16. Adnan International Manpower Services
17. Advance Step International Manpower Services Inc
18. Aim High International Placement Corporation
19. AJM Placement & Recruitment Agency, Inc.
20. Akiro International Manpower Services Co
21. Al Assal Manpower, Inc.
22. Al Gizza International Manpower Services
23. Alhabeshi International Services, Incorporation
24. Al Manaf International Manpower Corp
25. Al-Niel International Recruitment Agency
26. Al Romaithi International Manpower Services Inc
27. Al Taka Manpower Services, Inc.
28. Alba International Placement Services Inc.
29. Alcare Manpower Services Corporation
30. Al-Habib International Services Corporation
31. Alju International Manpower Services Inc.
32. Al-Khaleej International Services, Inc.
33. All Seasons Manpower International Services, Inc
34. Allied International Manpower Services Inc
35. Al Rafedain Manpower Intl Corporation
36. Amera Le Manpower Services Corporation
37. American Prime Manpower Services Inc
38. AMI Global Recruitment
39. Ample Laborpool Inc.
40. Amra Professionals Consultancy International
41. Ana International Placement Inc
42. Anchor International Manpower Svcs Inc
43. Ankor Management Services And Consultants Inc
44. Angelex Allied Agency
45. Anifel Management And General Services Corp
46. Aqua-Gem International Manpower Corp.
47. Ascend International Services Inc
48. Ascent Skills Human Resources Services Inc
Asia Reach International Management & Contractor Services Inc
50. Asmacs Recruitment Services Inc
51. ATC Human Resources, Inc.
52. ATD International Services And Training Center Inc
53. Athenna International Manpower Services Inc
54. Alpha Tomo (P) Intl Manpower Services Inc
55. Around The World Manpower Services Inc.
56. Azizzah International Manpower Services Inc.
57. Badilla Corporation
60. Benchstone Enterprises Inc
61. Benzor International Manpower Services
62. Beracah Human Resource Consultancy
63. Best One International Services & Consultancy Inc.
64. Billboard Promotion, Inc.
65. Bionic Manpower Services, Inc.
66. Bison Management Corporation
67. BM Skyway General Services & Trading
68. Bright Star Placement Corp.
69. Bukwang Prime International Agency Inc
70. Career Planners Specialist International Inc
71. Century High Hr Inc
72. Cinderella International Manpower Services Corp.
73. Cobil Recruitment & Services Corp.
74. Concorde International Human Resource Corporation
75. Confederal Project Manpower Services Inc.
76. Countrybest International Placement Corporation
77. CPM Manpower Services, Inc.
78. CSV Intl. Placement Agency Inc
79. Cubic S Promotion & Planning Inc
80. D A Rodrigo International Inc
81. Dahlzhen International Services, Inc.
82. Damdam Manpower Services Inc
83. Danasan Manpower & Management Services
84. DCH International Manpower Services, Inc
85. Desertwealth Int`L Services Corp
86. DLB International Inc.
87. Dream Force International Manpower Services Inc
88. Eastgate Manpower Consultants Inc
89. Eastside International Manpower Inc
90. Ed-Fro-Bon Manpower Services
91. Elbeitam Management Services, Inc.
92. Ellisar Manpower Services Inc
93. E-Life International Recruitment Agency Corp
94. EMCJ Manpower International Inc.
95. Emerald International Manpower
96. EMR Construction & Manpower Services Inc
97. Emmanuel Staffing Services Inc.
98. Eugene International Services
99. Eunice International Manpower Services Inc
100. Eurokonsult Human Resources Inc
101. Everbest Overseas Employment Agency Inc
102. Everlast International Placements Inc.
103. Expedite Movers Manpower Services
104. Excel Green Kard Intl Inc
105. Eyequest International Manpower Services Incorporated
106. Farland Personnel Management Corporation
107. Federal Overseas Manpower Inc
108. Fil-Expat Placement Agency Inc
109. Fil-Gulf Manpower & General Services, Inc.
110. Filipinas-Global Multi-Services Inc
111. First Magellan Overseas Corporation
112. First Step Manpower Int`L. Services Inc
113. Florida Resources & Placement Corporation
114. Forever Manpower Services Inc
115. FORS International Inc.
116. Four Seasons International Manpower Services
117. Four Star Corporation
118. France Asia International Inc
119. FSL International Manpower And Promotion Services Inc
120. FVJ Overseas Placement Inc
121. Gammon International Manpower Agency Inc.
122. Gatchalian Promotion Talent`S Pool Inc
123. GBMLT Manpower Services Inc
124. Gerdin International Manpower Inc
125. GETS Intl. Development Manpower Services Inc.
126. Giant Victory International Manpower Services Corp
127. Global-Expertise Management Inc
128. Global Gate International Manpower Services Inc
129. Global Medical Systems Inc
130. Global Professional Resources Phil Inc
131. Global Skilled Workforce Inc
132. Global Asia Alliance Consultants, Inc.
133. God`S Will International Placement, Inc.
134. Gold Icon Recruitment And Promotion, Inc
135. Golden Horizon Placement Agency, Inc.
136. Golden Legacy Jobmovers Corp
137. Golden Future Intl. Manpower Agency Inc.
138. Goldmarc International Career Corp.
139. Gold And Green Manpower Management And Development Services Inc
140. Good Day Recruitment, Inc.
141. Grand Filipina International & Management Services
142. Grandshine International Manpower Corp
143. Great One International Placement Agency Inc
144. Greatworld International Management Inc.
145. Greenfields International Manpower Services, Inc.
146. Greengate Manpower Services Co
147. Greenworld Placement Services
148. Guts International Services Corporation
149. Hannan International Manpower Services
150. Happy World Human Resource And Recruitment Agency Inc
151. Havillah International Manpower Services
152. HBO International Manpower Services
153. Hirotiger International Agency Inc
154. H.M.O. International Human Resources
155. Holy Cross Placement Agency Inc
156. Honor Deployment Corporation
157. Hopewell Overseas Manpower Network, Incorporated
158. HRD Employment Consultant And Multi-Services, INC.
159. HRHA Manpower International Inc
160. Human Aggregates Phils. Inc.
161. Humania International, Inc.
162. I Employ Manpower Services Inc
163. International Experts For Technical Support Services Inc.
164. I Excel Manpower Corporation
165. Infinity International Manpower Services
166. Insana International Placement Agency Inc
167. International Resource Development Corporation
168. I U P P Incorporated
169. Interactive Connections International Recruitment Agency Co
170. I-Rekrut Manpower Inc.
171. Jai-Kin Resources Corporation
172. Jainevill Manpower Resources Inc
173. Jake Intl Manpower Services Incorporated
174. Jamal Human Resource Internationale
175. James International Placement Services
176. Jats Talent Center Intl. Corp.
177. Jedi Placement Agency Incorporated
178. Jenerick International Manpower Inc
179. Jensen Manpower International
180. Jinhel International Recruitment Corp
181. Jobstar International Manpower Services
182. John Maurice International Inc
183. Jones Int`L Manp. Svcs. Inc.
184. JPS (John Paul See) International Recruitment Agency Corp
185. JRT Magica International Placement And General Services Corporation
186. JSC Global Recruitment Services Inc.
187. JTC International Manpower Services, Inc
188. Justjob International Corp
189. JVR Placement Company, Inc.
190. K G & P International Services, Inc.
191. Kan-Ya International Services Corp.
192. Kenmore Placement International Agency Inc
193. Khalid International Recruitment Agency
194. Kimobo International Personnel Services, Inc.
195. King`S Manpower Services Inc
196. Kingdom International Manpower Services Inc
197. Kougen International Promotion
198. Krona International Service Systems Inc
199. Lakas Tao Contract Service Ltd. Co.
200. LAM Healthcare Staffing Corp
201. Lau`Mel International Staffing Services Incorporated
202. LMB Worldwide Services, Inc.
203. Landbase Human Resources Company
204. Lasuerte International Manpower Agency, Inc.
205. LBK Skills Providers Corp
206. Leila International Services Inc
207. LGH International Services Inc
208. Li Dien Promotions & Employment Services, Inc.
209. Light & Hope Overseas Placement Agency Inc.
210. Lizsil International Manpower Agency
211. LMB Worldwide Services, Inc.
212. LML Human Resources Services
213. LOG International Hr & Recruitment Agency Inc
214. Loramac Promotions Corporation
215. LRC Manpower Services International Inc
216. Luxury And Jp International Corp.
217. Luzern International Manpower Services Corporation
218. Luzvimin Employment Agency Inc.
219. Maanyag International Manpower Corporation
220. Mahmood Manpower Services
221. Malorata International Manpower Agency
222. Manilatrust International Manpower Services Inc.
223. Manumoti Manpower International Inc
224. Mardel International Management & Services, Inc
225. Marion International Manpower Agency Inc
226. Mariposa International Services Co Inc
227. Mariz Manpower Services
228. Masters International Placement & Construction Services Inc
229. Mayonview International Manpower Services
230. Mecprego International Inc.
231. Mectap International Placement Services, Inc.
232. Mega Manpower Corporation
233. Meiden Way Management Specialist
234. Melakom Global Services Inc
235. Metro Global Search International Network Corp
236. Metropolis Manpower & Trading Corporation
237. Mhyninos Promotion Int'l Inc
238. Michaelangelo Manpower Exponent Incorporated
239. Midol Intl Human Resources Inc
240. Ming Hwee Manpower Recruitment Inc
241. Mission Way Manpower Services Inc
242. Mitac Overseas Manpower Corporation
243. Mitch International Recruitment Agency Inc
244. Mivian International Manpower Aggregate Inc
245. MMG International Manpower Services Corporation
246. MMM International Placement Corp.
247. MMML Recruitment Services Inc
248. MMS Placement International, Inc.
249. Mondial Overseas Corporation
250. Moonshera International Manpower Services Inc
251. Mother`S Way Overseas Manpower Specialist Corp
252. MPL International Corporation
253. M.R. International Manpower Services Inc
254. MRH Global Personnel Services Inc.
255. MSL Stars Human Resources Corp
256. Multi Star International Inc
257. My Advocate Human Resources Inc
258. Naimi Manpower Services Corporation
259. Namiko International Agency Inc
260. Naptron International Placement Agency
261. New Era Placement Agency Co.
262. NIR Placement Center Inc
263. Non-Stop Overseas Employment Corp
264. Novation Resources Phil.Inc.
265. NYD International Placement Agency Inc
266. Oasia Global Resources Inc
267. Online Hiring Corp.
268. O.T.G. International Placements Agency
269. Ovation Art & Skills Management Resources, Inc.
270. Overseas Professional Achievers Intl (Opas) Inc
271. Ortiz Agency & Employment Services, Inc.
272. Pacific Ace Human Resources Corp
273. Pacific Business Ventures Inc
274. Peak Manpower Resources
275. Philemploy Services And Resources Inc
276. Philamasia Labor Pool Inc
277. Philcango International Recruitment Services Inc
278. PhilQ Manpower Services Inc
279. Philquest International Management And Service Contractor
280. Placewell International Services Corporation
281. Platinum Brothers International Manpower Agency Inc
282. Power Horizon International Resources Inc.
283. Precise Global Manpower Services Recruitment Agency Inc
284. Prime Opportunities Inc.
285. Primeworld Manpower Agency Inc
286. Princess Joy Placement & General Svcs, Inc.
287. Promotion Management Services & International (JCJMSIP)
288. PSC Primary Skills Inc
289. Quintinians Placement Agency Inc
290. Quintrix International Manpower Center Inc
291. Raqeeb Universal, Inc.
292. Reach Manpower International Incorporated
293. Rejoice Employment International Corp.
294. Reliable Recruitment Corporation
295. Rise Manpower Services Inc
296. RN Job Quest
297. Rotana International Manpower Inc
298. RPF Business Management & Consultancy Inc
299. Rufean International Human Resources Co
300. S & I International Management Inc
301. Samarec Service Master Placement Agency Co
302. Samie International Recruitment And General Service Ltd. Co.
303. Saviourmed International Placement Inc.
304. SBEE International Inc
305. September Star Incorporated
306. Shaso International Manpower Services Inc
307. Sheeba International Manpower Services Corp
308. SIM-SOH International Services Inc
309. Skills International Company Inc
310. Sky Bourne International, Inc.
311. Sky Resources Exchange Corp
312. Skyworld Business Merger Inc.
313. SMC Manpower Agency Philippines Company
314. Spear International Manpower And Trading
315. Speed Deployment Manpower Resources Corporation
316. Speedy Overseas Services Corporation
317. Spring Resources Management & Promotion Inc
318. Star Express Placement Inc
319. Starway International Manpower Services Corp
320. Star World International Manpower & Placement Agency, Inc.
321. STD Overseas Manpower Services Inc
322. Step Up International Manpower Services
323. Strong Platinum Labor Services Corporation
324. Stronghold International Services, Inc.
325. Success Intl Placement Inc
326. Sunway International Manpower Services, Inc.
327. SSJ Overseas Manpower Services
328. Supreme Overseas Manpower Export Specialist Inc
329. Tcnivero International Manpower Corp.
330. Tcm International Manpower Services
331. Techsearch International Corp
332. Testman General Services Inc
333. TG International Artist & Manpower Exponent Inc
334. Tiffany International Services, Inc.
335. Trans Overseas Manpower Services Inc
336. Treasure Of Hope International Inc.
337. Tru-Force International Manpower Inc
338. TW (PHIL.) International Manpower Inc
339. Uniplan Overseas Employment Inc
340. Upscale Employment Agency Co
341. VC Barreto Incorporated
342. Verdant Manpower Mobilization Center Inc
343. Verde International Manpower Services
344. Victoria Services Inc
345. Visayan Consolidated Services Agency
346. Vital Wealth Manpower Resources Corporation
347. Work Asia International Recruitment Agency Inc
348. World Class Career Icons` Corporation
349. World Transman International Placement Inc
350. World Renowned Manpower Supply Inc
351. Wright International Manpower Inc
352. Yarra International Recruitment Co Inc
353. Y HMD International Manpower Services, Inc.
354. Y & L Global Manpower Corporation
355. Yoshi Promotions, Inc.
356. Z Career Edge Inc.
357. Zontar Manpower Services Inc