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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

An American and Filipino Facing Charges After Posting Derogatory Remarks On Facebook

An American and Filipino were arrested on two separate cases after posting derogatory remarks on Facebook and is now facing charges based on the law in the country where they are working. 

The American, Ryan Pate who is working as helicopter mechanic for a global aerospace logistics based in Abu Dhabi said he expressed his anger on Facebook after he received news that his pay will be suspended due to his medical condition after he requested to extend his holiday so he could receive treatment for his back injury. He said, " I called them backstabbers" because of what he perceived as lack of sympathy from his company. 

When he returned to Abu Dhabi last February 16, he was arrested for slander against his company and UAE. He was bailed out last February 24. 

The Emirate laws passed on 2012  makes it an offence to use the net to mock or deride organizations and individuals. 

Although he expressed his apology, "I said some pretty derogatory things that I do regret saying...I just want to apologize to everybody I dragged into this,” Mr. Pate said in an interview. “It is embarrassing, and I never meant for this to happen. I let my emotions get the better of me.”
But he is still facing  fine of up to $10,000 and  imprisonment  of up to 5 years and deportation if convicted. 

Back in Singapore, a Filipino nurse, Ed Mundsel Bello Ello,  has also been charged with two counts of sedition and three counts for giving false information to the police for their investigation. 

He posted offensive remarks on Facebook as follows:

He is facing sedition because of promoting feelings of hostility between Singaporeans and Filipinos in Singapore, and additional charge for lying to the police when he was questioned about this by claiming that his Facebook account has been hacked. 

If convicted he is facing fine of up to $5,000 and imprisonment of up to 3 years on each charge of sedition. And for lying to the police officials, jail of up to 1 year and/or fine of $5,000 for each count.