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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First Head Transplant Volunteer

How do you feel about head transplant?

According to an article in a 30-year-old Russian man named Valery Spiridonov who is suffering from Werdnig-Hoffmann disease has volunteered to be the first head transplant volunteer. Yes it means his entire head will be transferred into another body. 
World's first head transplant patient could face fate 'worse than death'
Valery Spiridonov pic from

The operation will be carried out by Dr. Sergio Canavero. It is expected to last 36 hours and will involve 150 doctors and nurses. We don't know how they will fit in the operating room. But that is least among the questions. Imagine yourself waking up to another body and how your head would have to adopt to its new body and the patient could suffer a new level of insanity never experienced before.  

Watch as Dr. Canavero explains how the procedure will be carried out. 

Please note that a head transplant has been experimented on a monkey 45 years ago. In which the monkey lived for 8 days because his spinal cord was not properly connected.