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Thursday, April 02, 2015

7 Habits That Will Help You Save More And Live Providently

The thing we always say no matter how much income our household gets every month, "not enough". But why is that? There are some families who's monthly salary is less than what you are receiving and yet they manage to save and stay out of debt more than we do, or while they seem to have enough ours never seem to meet our needs.  Here are some tips to save and be self-reliant.

1. Buy more of the fresh produce, a little at a time on the local farmer's market- We can always get fresher vegetables and fruits if we buy in the local market instead of supermarket, plus we can also haggle. Don't buy too much for what you need. Fresh produce are perishable and you don't want it to go to waste. 

2. Look for sale on items that is staple in your pantry like rice, cooking oil, sugar etch- Once on sale, it is your biggest opportunity to stock as much as you can on your pantry, and you can save a lot too, just remember to check the expiration of items you buy and you are only buying items that you can consume before the expiration date. But remember to avoid buying items that you don't really need and you won't usually buy. Avoid spending on gadgets even if it is on a big discount,  specially if you don't really need it at the moment and you have to put purchase it with your credit card. That discount you thought you saved will simply go to the interest and credit card charges. 
3. Plan your meal for the entire week - If you are on tight budget, I would recommend that you prepare soup more often and avoid frying. Soups and stews are also healthier and more filling.  You can buy chicken/ beef bone at a very cheap price and make broth to make a tasty and healthy soup.  

4. Make a shopping list- You will never believe how much time you could save if you make your shopping list before going to the grocery store. This will not only save you money, but energy and time looking at things you don't really need and another trip for some items you forgot.

5. Avoid eating on restaurants-  unless it's a planned date with your spouse, family or friends once in a while wouldn't hurt. But if you want to look at the cost of a meal in your favorite restaurant, think how many you could feed, or how many days of meal could it be if you chose to buy and prepare a home cooked meal. 

6. Start your home garden- Growing some vegetables or even herbs on pots could be a great way to save some dollars or pesos which  if accumulated during a period of time could be savings to buy yourself a gift.  This is one step to self-reliance

7.  Learn to make things from scratch-  baking, canning, etch. Buying store bought foods might be more convenient, but you really don't know what's in there. And if you have too much harvest, or seasonal fruits are on sale, canning them will help you stock enough food to last until next season that you don't have to buy in store any more. You can also make some canned tuna or sardines if you want. Home made foods like jams, and pickles could also be a great gift to friends, or a source of income if you choose to sell them.