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Monday, April 13, 2015

My Reasons Why Rich People Say They Have No Money When You Try To Borrow From Them

Recently, I saw a post on one of the groups in Facebook venting because she has to borrow money, and the first person she asked and she knows has good source of income said he doesn't have money to lend her, but the second person she asked  went through the trouble of borrowing  money to lend her. And so she said:   "Why is it that when you borrow money from a rich person they will always reply that 'they don't have money to lend you', although it is very evident that they have a good source of income and lots of investment. There is greater chance of borrowing money from someone who is an average income earner."

I did not answer to that post, but this is my explanation.

If you can see that the person you are borrowing money from has good investments. Chances are, there is really no available cash because:

1. He/she has set aside plans and specific budget plans each time he/she gets his/her pay check. He knows his limitations, he pays the amortization of his house/car/lot in time to avoid penalties. So unless you are borrowing for an emergency, why would someone re-adjust his budget just to accommodate someone's whim.

2. He/she is investing money, and is not keeping it in his savings account. It is not easy to withdraw investment money, it is not like an atm machine where you can withdraw anytime at your convenience. If you see that a person is successful, that means he knows how to manage his finances where it could gain more. Do you remember the parable of the talents? You may watch it below.

A person doesn't get rich simply by receiving a good amount of income, you get rich when you know how to use it to earn more.

3. He can sense and knows the difference between needs and wants.  You may even notice that in spite of his income, he doesn't indulge himself on gadgets and things that are not really necessary or things that depreciates in value over time. I had the privilege to visit a house of a millionaire, he sure has a decent house in a very nice business location, but you might not even believe if I tell you that his 29" television set. It is still the same tv he bought in the 90's. When I asked him why is he still keeping it, well he said it is still functioning perfectly, and he doesn't watch or use it  that much, but only to watch news when he gets home at night. So if you are borrowing money from him, I think he will figure out if you really needed it or not.

So these are some reasons I can think of why your rich friend probably said, he doesn't have the money to lend you. To be successful in life, we needed to live within our means, be prepared for storms, be self-reliant and learn to not rely on others. Relying on others could result in a lot of frustration, while being self-reliant and productive results in a more successful life, and inner feeling of happiness and achievement after ccomplishing something without the help of anyone.

But, let us also be the kind of person who is not quick to judge others. If we are in the position where God puts us so we can help others,  wouldn't we help? Are we not our brother's keeper, and because we have been given much we too must give?