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Thursday, April 09, 2015

A Filipina's Php 1.8 Million -Dream Home In California

This model home interior design in California maybe a home of your dreams too just like her. This example of garden house with space saving house plans, probably one of the cool small house designs and affordable micro homes we found online. Browse it for yourself and decide. 

Size: 140 square feet (13 square meters); 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
Cost: $40,000 USD or  about $Php 1.8 million pesos

Houses like this never cease to amaze me. I always hope that when I and my husband retire, that we could move to a house like this. I actually compiled some photos of small house designs before

Watch as she shows her home:

When I saw this house, I was amazed. And when I learned that it is owned by a Filipina currently living in Ojai, California, it amazed me more. 

 Three words to describe Vina Lustado's home:  modest, simple, amazing! It has all that you needed inside and very eco-friendly. She's doing water recycling and now has some fruit bearing trees in her backyard.  And when you look in her backyard, it reminds me so much of Philippines specially her gate. But wait, I also love her room and I wish I could spend a night in a room like that.

 She noted that she wanted to invest more of her time with family and other meaningful activities instead of cleaning a large home and I commend her for her wise choice. 

This model home interior design has been featured as a home of your dreams to many others. It will surely benefit others who are looking for ideas about house with space saving house plans.