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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

IKEA's Cheap Durable Shelter

Who doesn't love Ikea. Visiting their stores is already a treat just by looking at the endless home furnishing ideas they create. 

Recently the UN commissioned Ikea to create cheap durable shelters for Iraq and Syria.  This shelter is not something you can see on their store displays though. But I wish it will be available to the market.


The 188 square foot home comes in a box, just like how most stuffs come when you buy at Ikea. Easy to assemble, It is sustainable and can generate its own electricity to run a light and energy to your necessities. It is also weather proof and insulated, they said it could last up to 3 years.  They call it "Better Shelters". 

This is how the inside could look like once assembled.
Watch more about it here: