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Monday, April 20, 2015


I am not sure who will be reading this blog and how far it could go. I am not Australian aboriginal, but I can relate very much to this video. I think this is intended for everyone.  Did anyone judged you too based on something that does not really make up who you are as a person?

I am a Filipino, I have American, African, Finnish, German, Cambodian, and Indian friends.

I had Syrian neighbor and we used to greet each other with a smile because we don't speak the same language.

I cannot count the Indian and Bangladeshi workers at the supermarket who helped me carry my groceries to the car, but I will be always grateful that they are there wanting to help. I admire them for their desire to work and provide for their family, and for taking that humble job even if it pays very little.

There were countless times when our Pakistani neighbors helped us with our car, they were there to help my husband when someone's car blocked ours at the parking area. And they were the one who approached my husband if he needed a help when our car wouldn't start.

I have Muslim, Christian, and  Budhist friends. And I have seen the best in each of them.

The good and the bad cannot be distinguished based on race, or nationality, religion or gender or age.

But I hate it when we have to refer to each other based on our nationalities, or religion, I wish we would be more interested to mention each others  name instead of our differences.

What I learned is that, our nationalities/ race does not make us who we are. The way we treat each other does. Looking down at someone does not make us better than anyone.

If we are inclined to judge others, let us judge on the side of love, mercy and compassion rather than on the side of condemnation and hatred. I believe that the way we treat others can bring change, it can touch hearts, it can inspire others, it can bring hope and change the future. We may look at it like a drop in the ocean, but a single drop accumulates into a cup, a bucket, a pool...

Let us love more, understand more, show more kindness toward each other. And let us learn to stand up for those who are being judged and condemned. Please don't listen to that man in black.