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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Filipina In Dubai Pleaded Guilty Of Forging UAE Visas Of Fellow Filipinos

We often hear of OFWs being abused. When living abroad as OFW, it would always be nice to know another Filipino whom we can trust. But what would you do if you sought for the help of a fellow Filipino only to find out later that the person you have trusted has swindled you. 

A 25 year old Filipina working in Dubai as travel consultant was reported to have embezzled DH64,000 or approximately Php774,000.

She pleaded guilty and told judge Ezzat Abdul Lat at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday, “Yes, I forged the visas and took the money for myself,” 

The Filipina travel consultant managed the forging by printing out the authentic visa forms obtained from Dubai’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs online system. She made several photocopies and tampered the tourists details before sending it to potential tourists- who thought that they were getting valid/ authentic visas. 

Her employer learned of the forging she has done when two Filipino victims called their office to complain about the forged visas they received. 

When her employer confronted her she admitted that she forged the visas as well as the receipts on file to cover up what she was doing. 

The ruling on her case will be heard on May 28.