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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Wife, Sons of OFW Making Good Use of His Remittances For Ten Years

Overseas work has become a way of life for many Filipinos. As our OFWs sweat it out in foreign countries, shouldn't families of overseas workers contribute to the well-being of everyone and not just depend on remittances? This is crucial to ensure OFWs won't have to remain overseas workers forever.

Let's face it. Overseas work, sadly, has become a way of life for many Filipinos and many breadwinners have to separate from their spouse and children or their parents in order to have a chance for a "greener pasture", so to speak.

"Para sa Pamilya"

The basic unit of society - the family - has become the primary reason why many have chosen, and are still choosing, to work overseas; believing that they could earn more abroad than be locally employed.

To provide for their children's education as well as the family's daily needs, have their own house and lot, their own car and/or own business -- these  are among the major goals why many opt to work overseas and get a higher pay.

All OFWs fly across the miles and fight homesickness and boredom, hardships at work and cultural adjustments in their place of destination. It's not easy to live in a foreign land and live among strangers but Filipinos continue to try and cope -- to achieve their goals.


It would usually take many years, even decades, before the OFWs' goals are achieved. However, Pinoys have different timelines as to the number of years they'll spend away from their family.

Here's an interesting example of an OFW and his family who planned in advance that ten years would be their timeline to achieve their targets.

Nanay Gail has been married to her husband for 22 years and they have three sons aged 21, 19 and 8. The couple both came from poor families and both experienced various challenges in life and were unable to get a college degree. However, both were tough, positive thinkers and together, they were determined to overcome poverty.

                                                                (Image via Pixabay)

After trying different livelihood sources and barely meeting all their family's needs, they agreed that her husband will have to seek work abroad. They discussed this together with their children and Nanay Gail's mother who lived with them since their marriage.

And so it was that her husband became an overseas worker for ten years; employed as a fruit box assembler in South Korea.

He also busied himself on learning different skills like carpentry and computer troubleshooting with the help of a few friends despite having no formal schooling about computers.

On the first two years, they paid loans acquired before her husband was able to work abroad. Nanay Gail continued working at a factory in Batangas for two years while her mother looked after the kids.

On the third and fourth year, they saved to buy a lot on which to build their home while setting a strict budget for the family's basic needs. In the years that followed, their house became a reality. A second-hand car followed a year after.

After they moved into their simple abode which was bare of finishing touches at the time, Nanay Gail, together with her sons, began breeding dogs and selling them to help their head of the family.

Moreover, the sons made sure to make their father proud and at peace by not indulging in vices and by studying well while they assisted their mother. They never got into any trouble and were raised to be simple persons; having no desire for grand material things. The two elder sons are graduating in a few months; both with a bachelor's degree.

But of course, it's not Scrooge mode all the time.

Because family comes first, they make sure birthdays and other special occasions are celebrated. And when the father comes home, they spend quality time as a family via outings and trips to different places. That's what the car is for!

The father, inspired by his family's cooperation and conscientious desire to somehow lighten his load, decided to busy himself with arts and crafts on his free time as well as bicycling to ward off boredom and homesickness.

He also stayed away from temptation and became more intent on saving more for their family's future by getting sideline work. In short, no extravagant spending and nights out with the boys!

Combine this with his family's efforts to help him augment their income --- and what have we got?

Ten years timeline achieved!

Yes, Nanay Gail is so happy to finally have their head of the family by their side for good this year. Their sons are so proud of their father and together, although more challenges in life are sure to come, they will face them with more readiness and unity.

Why? Because they have planned and communicated well as a family.

They believe that overseas work away from family is NOT supposed to be for a lifetime.

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