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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Hot Water Gives More Benefits Than Cold Water

Many people are not used to drinking hot water. Some even find it odd to drink hot water even during the cold season. What they do not know is that hot water is far more beneficial than cold water.

According to Health Hacks, drinking hot water is "a good alternative to taking tablets."

"Did you know that drinking hot water is much healthier than cold water? Drinking hot water on an empty stomach may seem strange but the benefits are just incredible," it stated.

Drinking hot water on an empty stomach speeds up a person's metabolism and burns more calories.

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"If you're on a diet, hot drinks are you best allies. In addition, it helps your stomach feel full--which means you will eat less," it noted.

Hot water also reduces sugar cravings.

"Start getting into the habit of replacing sodas with hot water. And when you feel that you like to eat a sweet snack, drink a glass of hot water. The truth is that when we often feel that we like something sweet, it's just our body saying it's dehydrated and needs a drink," it noted.

In addition, drinking hot water is excellent for digestion.

"Studies have shown that drinking cold water during or after a meal can harden the fats in food. This can create fats deposits on the inner wall of the intestines," it was disclosed.

Drinking lukewarm water, on the other hand, causes your blood vessels to expand. This boosts circulation which helps digestion.

Moreover, drinking hot water is good at eliminating toxins.

"Drinking warm water acts on your metabolism, your circulation, and your body temperature all at the same time. This will make you sweat and will purge all the toxins present in your body. It's a guaranteed detox effect," it was disclosed.

Want to know more about how beneficial hot water is? Watch this video:

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