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Sunday, July 09, 2017

This 10 Facts On How The Brain Works Proves That You Can Do Almost Anything

Our brain is remarkable. It can help us  reach any heights, make our desired dreams come true, and achieve the most intricate goal. If we want to achieve almost anything we want,  understanding the principles on which our brain works is vital
hence, the saying goes: "What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve."
Our brain can do things beyond what we expected. 

Here are the 10 facts about the human brain that you need to understand.

1. For  the human brain, there is no difference between fantasy and reality.

Our brain reacts to every thinking and cannot tell a reality from a dream. This is why people looking at the world through pink glasses feel happier, and this is the reason our body accepts a placebo as a real medicine.
2. Mental activities does not make the brain tired.

Brain fatigue arises due to our emotions. Blood composition that flows through the brain during its active work remains the same. However, blood from the veins of a man who has worked all day changes considerably.
3. The brain works automatically.

More than 50 % of today’s thoughts are thoughts from yesterday. This is why it’s so difficult for pessimists to change their outlook of the world. They need to literally "purge" their brain and make it react more often to positive things .
4. We can see what we are thinking about.

Any thoughts turn into life experiences. For example, if you dream about a certain thing, you’ll see reminders of it everywhere. If you want to change the world around you, change your thoughts.

5. Like our muscles, the brain also needs a workout.

The brain is similar to our muscles: it also needs workout. Learning, fresh air workouts, healthy eating, sound sleep, traveling to new places, new activities, making notes, dancing, and even playing Tetris are all useful for your brain.
6. The brain never rests.

Our brain continues to work hard even when we sleep. Its activity during sleep is even higher than during our waking hours.
7. Shutting down our brain from negative thoughts from time to time is needed.

In order not to drown in thousands of negative thoughts, we need to "shut ourselves down" to give a break to our immune system. Don’t forget about active rest: for our brain, it’s the most useful kind of relaxation.
8. Flexibility of the nervous system requires forgetting.

To "store" new memories, our brain needs to dump off the old ones. It would be better if we were able to decide what to remember and what to forget. To do this, we need to use the information we want to restore more often.
9. Our brain feels no pain.

Our brain reacts to pain but doesn’t feel it itself because of the lack of necessary receptors. Although this fact doesn’t apply to lots of blood vessels, nerves, and tissues that surround the brain.
10. We can change our own brain.

Any kind of activity makes our brain generate new neural connections. If we think we’re not able to do a certain thing, this idea will only develop in our consciousness over time. But if you use the word "I’ll succeed," the brain itself will give you the tools and reinforcements to realize your goal.

Our brain is a complex tool and if we can use it well, it will direct us to success.
Source: Brightside