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Monday, June 05, 2017

Applying For SSS Disability Benefit

Claiming SSS Disability benefits seems easy. Just fill-out and submit the needed documents and Voila!, You got your benefit.
But how is the actual experience  in claiming it really like?

An OFW on vacation tried to apply for the disability benefit of her brother shared the actual experience she had. As she described it, it was like "passing through a needle eye."

In claiming Social Security System (SSS) Disability Benefits, these are the requirements asked if the claim is done by the immediate family member:

1) You need the following:
- Guarantor
- Two (2) witnesses (not a family member)
- Patient’s signature or thumbmark

2) You need to fill up the following:
- Disability form
- Medical abstract
- Guarantor form
- Witness form (indicating income)
- Corroboration form
3) You need to apply for an In-Trust-For (ITF) bank account.

To apply for the ITF account at the PNB, you may need to submit the following:

- Picture of incapacitated relative holding a newspaper dated the same day that the bank application is made.

- Pictures of the patient and the claimant.

-Letter of Introduction from Social Security System (SSS).

-Some documents from SSS.

Bank requisites for opening a new account:

- 2 valid IDs of the claimant with photo

and the address should be the same.

- Photocopy of the 2 valid IDs.

- Billing as proof of address under the name of the claimant.

Overall,  claiming Disability Benefits from SSS is not  that easy. To think that the OFW spent  a lot of her time and money for her supposedly vacation, where she was expecting to get a rest after years of working abroad, was consumed by the claiming process.
The government must have a way to address this issue. For the SSS members who religiously settle their contributions, they deserve better services and claims process.