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Wednesday, September 28, 2016



A talented young mathematician from Tondo, Manila got a lifetime scholarship and $30 million for his mathematical theory. 

He is Louis Reyes, 12 years old who is in his sixth grade. For sure, most of the Filipinos will be proud of him because of his amazing and shocking formula. 

Louis will have his lifetime scholarship from American Multinational and technology. 

Aside from that, Louis will no longer pass his resumes to get a job, because Apple offered him a $30 million to work in their company after he graduated.

If you are asking if what that formula is, this is the time you try it and be amazed. 

1. Take your last digit of your phone number.

2. You multiply it by 2.

3. Add 5 

4. You multiply the result by 50

5. You add 1766

6. Then you subtract your year of birth

7. You will get a 3 digit answer and the last two digit will be your age.

There you go! This kid is a Pinoy Pride !



Unknown said...

Fake.. Not applicable for next year and age beyond 99..!
I got 839 the first digit is my cel,
So to simplify the pattern is only
(Last digit celx100+2016 - birth year) :p

Aschenvale said...

It's Legit.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Let x be the last digit of phone no.
Multiply it by 2 = 2x
Add 5 = 2x + 5
Multiply the result by 50 = 50(2x + 5)
Add 1766 = 50(2x + 5) + 1766
= 100x + 250 + 1766
= 100x + 2016
U can notice here that the 2016 is our current year
Subtract your year of birth (example 1980)
= 100x + 2016 – 1980
= 100x + 36
Let x be...... = 1
= 100(1) + 36
= 136
Ur age is....... = 36

U can notice here that whatever number u give in the value of x, the answer will always be 3 digit number except the value of x is zero.

Conclusion : The value of CP digit no, is nothing because whatever value u can give the answer will always base on what birth date u give.

Anonymous said...

yes you are right.. now is 2016.. its for 2016 only... how about next year 2017? d "1766 must become 1767" right?

and last digits is only between 0 to 9... nothing to be amazed for....

Anonymous said...

i have known this trick since i was in elementary..just ask any number from someone then follow the same get the two last digit as his age..

Anonymous said...

salute ...rain carlo

Anonymous said...

the little boy is vry smart

angelique said...

GOD bless you dong

Unknown said...

The Boy is very Smart. Why? because in his younged age he can derived a formula, And I am pretty sure that APPLE COMPANY amazed in his Smartness not in this equation. Perhaps there is something else.

Anonymous said...

You must be a pinoy pride too? Sad to say you was not able to get the 30M USD which suppose to be with you. Somebody has snatch that intelligence in your elementary grade indeed! Perhaps your neighbors and school mates. Well, whatever it is we still respect and praise that of your claim.
What made him took that gift might be because of "nothing matters".
Lesson to learn: share what you have as time will lucxuriously return that favor back to you!

Anonymous said...

He is smart. Some people here on earth are insecure.

Anonymous said...

On what Rain Carlo said on his comment above, if you would compute the same formula for next year (2017), it will give you incorrect answer. instead of 1766, change the number to 1767 for next year computation - 2017. But that boy got my attention.

Unknown said...

Wow look who's talking..
Now it is 2017.. Your common sense is no longer applicable including your troll account "B" for Bastard!

Anonymous said...

The stories are fake. I think they just use people to forward the story to their contacts so they could get vital information. The same story is told but different boys from different countries are used. The was a Belizean, a Lucian etc. Check it out for yourselves. It is a scam. No one is giving away any lifetime scholarships.