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Friday, September 02, 2016


RABIES IS FATAL.If you or any members of the family has been bitten by a rabies infected animal,do not ignore and rush to the nearest animal bite center at once.The DOH will provide anti-rabies vaccine for you.
A total of 432,458 animal bite cases was recorded by Department Of Health in 2015,226 of which are fatalities due to rabies.
Health Secretary janette P. Loreto-Garin said: “None of these deaths should have occurred since we have the necessary interventions to prevent rabies such as promotion of responsible pet ownership, early consultation when bitten by animals and timely administration of vaccines.”


Rabies occurs due to bite or scratch of  rabies virus infected animals.Every year,at least 200 Filipinos are dying due to rabies,considering the virus infection a significant  public health problem.Rabies infection is often neglected in spite of the fact that it is 100% fatal.On the other hand,the disease is also 100% preventable.Being responsible is the key.If you got bitten by an animal,do not ignore it.Go to the nearest Animal Bite Center and get an anti-rabies vaccine ,which is provided by DOH for free.


The Department of Health is providing free vaccines against the deadly rabies in all animal bite centers across the country.Sec Garin said that the full course(8 shots or doses) of post-exposure prophylaxis  would be administered free of charge to those who are in need of emergency treatment for animal bites.The free vaccines is readily available in 480 animal bite centers.