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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some of The Best Foods From Philippines You Should Not Miss

Recently CNN conducted an international poll as to "which destination has the world's best food?". And it is not a surprise when Philippines landed the second spot based on 1,528 votes. 

I will not argue with this. But I wonder what could be those foods that made Philippines to land on 2nd spot. 

As an expat, we had the privilege to meet and mingle with friends of different nationalities. And so we would like to share with you some of the Filipino foods liked by many, or  Filipino foods that foreigners like. 

Of course almost every foreigner that I know likes adobo. If you know someone who is not yet familiar with this, let them taste and decide. 

While other countries are used to roasting their meat in the oven, or slow cooking it. The Philippines has its own Lechon. 

The best thing I love are the tropical fruits. Mostly grown in the backyards. I like the way we farm in Philippines, less pesticide and a lot of wrappings to prevent infestations of insect on the fruits. Here are some of the tropical fruits that has made its way not only to the heart of Filipinos but also to many foreigners. 


 Langka or Jack Fruit
 It is also in Philippines where you can find the best mangoes in the world

Buko or young coconut
And when it comes to desert here are some of  the favorites

 Buko salad (shredded young coconut, fruit cocktail in cream and milk)

 Halo-halo (made of sweetened beans shaved ice and evaporated milk, topped with ice cream, egg custard and sweetened purple yam )
 Buko pandan (young coconut shreds, jelly made with "pandan" or screwpine leaves, and cream and milk)
And last but it does not mean it stops to this, we have banana cue.

For now, these are only some of the foods that I could recall. But I'm sure, there are many other Filipino foods that are exceptionally delicious.