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Monday, June 01, 2015

How To Submit Express Entry Profile Free of Charge For Canadian Immigration And Without Agency Assistance

There are many foreigners who wanted to immigrate to Canada, but the high cost of agency fee and immigration lawyer is becoming a big set back. We receive a quote from one immigration agent but who wants to pay $6000 for immigration assistance? That is only professional fee, in order to process your application there are other costs you have to pay in order to process documents, visa, permanent residence fee and a lot more.

Upon inquiry, we found out that some immigration lawyer or immigration agency would ask for $990 fee for submitting your profile to EE pool. But there is actually a way to submit an application for Express Entry which is FREE and you can do it yourself direct to CIC website. 

Through Express Entry, you can process your visa and get to Canada within 6 months. 
The initial requirements to be eligible for Express Entry Application are:

Without these two initial requirements your profile cannot be approved/added to the pool of express entry (EE) applicants.

Please take note that if you don't have IELTS or ECA you could still assess your eligibility to come to Canada and your other options to apply, but you cannot submit your profile for Express Entry.

Chances are, if you don't have IELTS or language exam yet, and ECA the system will say you are not eligible because these two are the primary requirements. 

 If you are eligible please don't forget to take the reference code which will be generated at the end of assessment: 
After the assessment and if you are eligible it will lead you to creating your profile for express entry.Or you may also  
manually sign up for an Express Entry account through this link

Click on the Continue to GCKey button to create or access your MyCIC account. 
Please remember you will use that reference code from the preliminary assessment. After you have entered the details about your education, work experience and travel documents, and if you are bringing your spouse you also needed to fill up the same information for him/her. Once you are done filling up the required information it will lead you to a page where you have to sign by typing your complete name then click submit. This is what will appear on your screen after you have submitted your application.
Filling up your express entry profile allows you to have a MYCIC account that you could use to log in any time. Please remember your password and answers to the security questions. 

You may log in to your account any time to check and update your Express Entry application. Your account can also be used to link any visa application like work visa, temporary residence visa, or student visa.

To know more about the express entry system and documents needed to complete your application please visit here. 

After you have submitted your application you may wait within a day to 1 week to find out if you qualified for the Express Entry or Visa application you submitted. We received an e-mail, but that letter can also be accessed by logging in your My CIC Account. If you do qualify, CIC will give you invitation to apply and give you list of required documents that you needed to submit. They will also give you JOB SEEKER VALIDATION NUMBER so you can create an account in their job bank. Once you have Canada Job Bank account, you can have access to job opportunities in Canada, and  apply to get a job offer. 

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