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Monday, December 29, 2014

Wrap Your Baggages to and from the Philippines?

Please share this very important message especially to our fellow OFWs going home for vacation or going back here or anywhere in the Middle East 
We have heard different stories from OFWs who are travelling for vacation, or returning after annual vacation complained about their baggages being ripped, some valuables were stolen, or worst, some were arrested for allegedly carrying dangerous drugs or prohibited items like bullets in NAIA which are often placed by syndicates and gangs in order to extort money or to traffic illegal drugs. 
The following are some of the things you can do to protect yourself from being a victim of theft and 

If you are buying new luggage bags, you can opt for PC (polycarbonate) bags or hard shell bag. The material of these kind of bags are difficult to rip off with knife, unlike the luggage bags made of canvass or fabric. Shell bags that have secure locks instead of zippers are also a much better choice .

 Shell bags that have secure locks instead of zippers are also a much better choice . 
Watch this video how easily they can tamper a zipped luggage although it is already locked. 

To avoid this from happening, and ending up with  ripped or lost baggage items, we recommend to you to have it wrapped with cling film or plastic wrap. Here in Saudi Arabia, there are service stations that does plastic wrapping with SAR 20 charge for each baggage. In return, you get added security that your bags, luggage and boxes are free of scratches or damages, and the content are safer not to be opened by someone at the airport. In Saudi Arabia and Middle East airports you can find many kiosk or service stations for baggage wrapping  at the departure areas. If there is none in your area, you can buy a roll of CLING FILM or clear plastic wrap that is available from the grocery section and wrap it around the bags, or boxes several times to seal and protect your luggage from hands of thieves, drug syndicates or gangs who might either take items from your bag or place prohibited items that could land you in jail. 

If you are going back to your host country from the Philippines, it is a must, and we highly recommend that you wrap your baggages and plead for everybody to share this recommendation because this is important, and vital for the safety of our love ones travelling abroad.  For SR 10, we were able to buy a roll of cling wrap, enough to cover 3 luggages. 
Many international airports are also offering this service like Secure Wrap in many airports in the USA.