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Sunday, November 29, 2009

750 Katao

750 persons, but only two from the nominees or their representatives will be given the free pass for the dinner, if you want to have more, you'll be paying 250 pesos for each.

It is truly special. Bring all your friends and fellow bloggers, may chance silang manalo sa raffle, everybody will have the chance sa pictorial with the PEBA logos and their sponsors as backgrounds. May mga photographers, and members ng media during that night, plus Juana Change will come, along with several celebrities and officials and those directly connected or may kinalaman sa welfare ng OFW's

Maiinggit si Azel, at Yani at Rhandy nito. NJ is coming, and sa mga finalist, dalhin or papuntahin ang buong baranggay, after all, kayo po ang ihohonor sa event na ito.

I meet with Jigs and Pete kagabi. What a wonderful and talented and smart guys ang dalawang taong ito. I will be meeting lahat ng volunteers, Tuesday Night, Dec 01, 6PM sa may tapat ng FEU sa Recto, gilid ng PSBA.

Please call me if you want to volunteer. Or ask your friends if they want to.




A-Z-3-L said...

nakakainggit talaga!!! hmp!

naghahanap pa ako ng pwedeng papuntahin.. kase it's formal. ang hirap maghanap ng aattend. :(

NJ Abad said...

The heat is on! Kenj, I saw ur message today when I got back to the office. Any update?

Anonymous said...

Ako din naiinggit. Pero there's always a next time naman d b?

Anonymous said...

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Mike Avenue said...

Paano ako? I want to go! Is there any possibility I can take a seat without paying?

Mike Avenue