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Monday, May 22, 2017

Another Fake Facebook Page Promising To Give Away Cars, House and Lot

Fake posts and misleading news titles are rampant on the internet especially on social media. It may seem harmless but encountering this fakes everyday is annoying not to mention the effects of misinformation that can affect our discernment of what is fake and what is real especially when fakes use or quote prominent people to lure their victims  to click.
Nowadays, page-selling and buying could be the main reason why there are lots of promo pages that promises giveaways such cash, cars, and even house and lot. And who wouldn't want these things, right?
The mechanics will be as simple as liking the page, sharing it to your wall, commenting and inviting your friends to like the page as well.
The logic behind why they  set up this bait is just one thing, to gain more following for them to be able to sell their pages at a higher price.

A newly created FB page uses the name and photo of Philippine Senator and a world champion in boxing, Sen. Manny Pacquiao. The page name itself says: "Free housing and cars"
From their first post, it surprisingly gained more than 47,000 likers in just 2 days.
To make their page look legit, aside from using the name of Senator Pacquiao, the page also uses the News agency CNN Philippines. The said news agency, according to the page post, will announce the winners of their bogus promo.