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Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Most of our senior members of Social Security System (SSS) find it difficult to process their documentations for their retirement. Just like when filing claim for pension. Retirement benefit is a pension  paid to an SSS member who can no longer work due to old age.

The following is simple guideline how  you can claim your monthly pension.

Who can avail SSS retirement pension claim? 

 Retirement age can be mandatory when a person turns 60 years old or compulsory upon reaching the age of 65 years old. 

It is very important that the beneficiary has paid 120 months or 10 years SSS contributions. 

  • An SSS member is qualified to avail of this benefit at the age of 60 years old if he or she is no longer employed, and has paid at least 120 monthly contributions prior to the semester of retirement.
  • Upon reaching the age of  65 years old, an SSS member whether employed or not can file for retirement as long as he or she has satisfied the 120 months or 10 years contribution required. 
Underground Mineworkers however can file for early retirement at the age of 55 years old provided:He was an underground mine-worker for at least 5 years (either continuous or accumulated) prior to the semester of retirement but whose actual date of retirement is not earlier than March 13, 1998; separated from employment or has ceased self-employment; and has paid at least 120 monthly contributions prior to the semester of retirement.

What are the types of retirement benefit?

Monthly Pension – It is a lifetime cash benefit paid to a retiree who has paid at least 120 monthly contributions to the SSS prior to the semester of retirement.

Lumpsum Amount – It is equal to the total contributions paid by the member & the employer including interest. It is granted to a retiree who hasn’t paid the 120 monthly contributions.

If An SSS Member did not pay at least 120 months of contribution can he/she file and avail retirement benefit? 

An SSS member who was not able satisfied or paid at least 120 months or equivalent of 10 years contribution can still file for pension. However it will be paid to him/her on a lump-sum basis. The retirement fund will be equal to all the contributions paid by the employee and employer plus the interest. 

Lumpsum pension= Total contributions paid by beneficiary or employee + contributions by employer + interest rate

Can I avail Lumpsum pension if I paid at least 120 months contributions or more?

A member who satisfied the 120 months contributions required by SSS can avail monthly pension. He or she may also avail lumpsum payment of the first 18 months of his/her pension on a discounted rate to be determined by SSS.

What are the other benefits to be received by SSS qualified pensioner?

A pensioner may qualify for monthly pension or lumpsum benefit.

For retirees who satisfied the required contributions of 120 months or more they can receive:
The dependents (legitimate, legitimated or legally adopted, and illegitimate children) of the retiree will also receive an equivalent allowance of 10% of the monthly pension or Php 250 whichever is higher

How to file claim for monthly pension or lumpsum pension benefit?

1. The member must provide the SSS Form DDR-1 alsoknown as Death, Disability and Retirement Claim Form to claim for retirement benefit. Using black ink, the member must fill up the form legibly and completely.

3. The member must submit one copy of SSS Form DDR-1 in person to the nearest SSS branch together with the following requirements

Application Requirements:

3. DDR Savings Account form;
4. Certificate of Separation from last employer (if member is less than 65 years old) ;
The member must  bring Certification of Separation from last employer if he is less than 65 years old and if the last employer did not accomplish the certification portion of retirement application. In case there is no Certification of Separation from employer, Affidavit of Separation from Employment must be submitted. 
5. Passbook or ATM Card (if pension);

A member must open a single savings account in the bank of his choice and submit to the SSS his savings account number and a photocopy of his passbook or ATM Card upon filing of his application. The original copy of the passbook must be presented for authentication purposes.

6.   Certified true copies of birth or baptismal certificate of dependent children;
7.   Certified of cessation of business or practice of profession (for self-employed members who are less than 65 years old);
8.   Certified true copy of marriage certificate
9.   Proofs of filiation for illegitimate dependent children
10. UMID or SSS biometrics ID card or two (2) other valid IDs, both with signature and at least one (1) with photo and date of birth.
* Other supporting documents may be requested by SSS depending on the evaluation of the claim.

The video below might also help you how you can file  claim for your  retirement benefit 

For more questions, you may email them @ member_relations@sss.gov.ph.