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Saturday, August 13, 2016

2-Day Solar Power Installation Course To Help You Start Your Own Solar Power Installation Business

With the very high cost of electricity, more and more houses in the Philippines are trying to be self-sustaining by using alternative energy just like solar power. 

However setting up the solar power system of your home is not cheap. Aside from the high  solar panel cost and other materials needed for the installation, installation cost is also pricey. But of course, if you plan to supply the power cost of your entire household, you have to hire professionals to properly install the solar power system in your household in order to have safe and reliable power source. 

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Still there are those who prefer to learn and know how the solar power system works. Not only could this save you a lot of money, but learning and getting professional certification could also be another way of starting a solar power installation business. And what better way of promoting a new business by using your own home as model of your work. 


There are several short online courses for solar power installation that could actually help you install the solar power system in your own house by yourself or diy, 

Check here for the list of other Solar Power Installation Courses taught by experts  in solar power installation trained from Germany and USA.

One of the leading solar power installer /contractor, and dealer of solar panels in the Philippines,  Solaric Philippines,  is actually offering Solar Power Installation Courses with certification. 

They offer a two-day-course on solar power intallation, the Solar 101 and 202

What covers Solar Power Installation Course 101 and 202?  

The course covers the following:  
  •  the mechanics on how to integrate solar panels to any electrical system- from Ice plants to a small residential project. 
  • Salient details on how solar power works, 
  • Computation for return on investment;  and
  •  things to watch out for when installing high powered solar systems.

"We setup our Solar 101 course with input from experienced solar installers around the world and practical experience in doing hundreds of rooftops in the Philippines yet be comprehensible to the common man, business man and appreciable to even the most seasoned electrical engineer.

Solar 202 is for people who want to go to the next step and get into the boots of an installer for a day, wiring up live systems and watch the electric meter spin backwards with our ERC approved grid tie methods.
Graduates of 202 are then given full access to our arsenal of Solaric tested and approved materials such as Tier 1 Solar panels, offgrid and grid tie inverters, lithium and non lithium batteries at industry insider rates to grow their business."

Who usually attends the Solar Power Installation Course/ seminar? 

     Anyone can enroll and attend the course, like businessmen, energy executives, solar farm designers, energy companies, home owners, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs who want to be well informed and other solar companies...
     If you are serious in getting solar and want to know more before spending thousands of pesos it is advisable to attend this course. 


How does attending the course help me get into solar power installation business?  

Aside from the knowledge that you will acquire upon completion of the course, and the certification that will give you credential.

According to Solaric, " There are discount vouchers worth magnitudes more than the entrance fee and attendees of the 202 workshop are privy to installer rates for key materials if they so decide to get into the business.

We help you avoid costly mistakes on common "palpak" builds we see in the field, and teach you how to make the most of current technology and capitalize on MERALCO net metering programs to your advantage and if you are already in the Solar business, how to get your project approved by City Hall and the elusive net metering by building them strong, right and safe in our Solar 202 class.
How much is the course?

Event costs Php 5,000 per day and is divided into two segments Solar 101 and Solar 202. Certificate of completion, hot meals and chances to win great prizes on the raffle table are included.

Where do we register for the course and what is the contact details?

For more information or to register in Solar 101 and Solaric Philippines 202 please go to or call 504 0092.

or visit them on their facebook page

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