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Friday, August 12, 2016

This OFW from Saudi and Now in Qatar Built This Drinking Water for Business in the Province

This OFW, working for 8 years, from Saudi and now in Qatar Built This Drinking Water for Business in the Province. He spent around P180K to P200K in building construction with 3 meters by 3.5 meters floor. P230K to P260K for equipments and bottles. 
You may need DTI and business permit. The sanitary permit will be supplied by the supplier of the equipment. 
There is also P25K expenses for the logistics, for technician and installations, another P20K for the papers, processing and documents and other miscellaneous expenses. This water for business, and water delivery service, or most commonly called, water refilling station and bottled water service business is very good since most of the people now want to drink quality, and raw water that passed the commercial water filtration system. 


Equipment and tank capacity is 206 gallons for final product water. Raw water tank is 206 gallons capacity as well. 


Preferred Water Source: Deep Well/District Water

Water System Composition
1 unit
10x54” Multi-Media Sediment Filter with Automatic Digital Head  and Stainless Jacket
1 unit
10x54” Carbon Filter Media with  Automatic Digital Head  and Stainless Jacket
1 unit
10x54” Multi-Media Water Softener with Automatic Digital Head and Stainless Jacket
1 unit
Brine Tank
2 sets
20” SLIM  Housing with 5-10  Micron Sediment Pre-filter (R.O. Pre-filter system)

1 set
Complete Reverse Osmosis (ESPA-4 Membrane) System – Upgradeable to 6000 GPD
-           Control Panel
-           1” Solenoid Valve
-           1 unit 3000 GPD Membrane With Choice of Hydranautics ESPA-4 (USA) or Filmtec Membrane (USA)
-           2 Hp Heavy-Duty Multi-Stage Horizontal Pump (Agua Italia, ITALY)
-           1 unit 4x40” Stainless Steel Membrane Vessel (plastic end cap)
-           2 units 0-5 GPM Product & Reject Flow Meter
-           Low Pressure Cut-Off Switch
-           2 sets Liquid High Pressure Pump Gauge
1 unit
Stainless Steel  Skid  RO Mounting Frame
1 set
20” Slim Housing with 1 micron Sediment Post Filter
1 set
20” Slim Housing with Carbon Block Polishing Filter Cartridge (Hydrosep Brand, USA)
1 unit
6 GPM Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Sterilizer (PURIFIED)
2 units
Stainless Steel Storage Tank (206 Gallons – 30 in diameter)– for Raw & Product Water
1 set
1Hp Stainless Steel Booster Pump with Press Control Pump Protector (Agua Italia, ITALY)
1 set
½ Hp Stainless Steel Booster Pump with Press Control Pump Protector (Agua Italia, ITALY)
2 sets
Dispensing Faucets/Spouts
1 lot
Various Pipes & Fittings

Other Package Inclusions
ü  FREE Assistance in Store Design and Layout 
ü  FREE Installation
ü  FREE On-Site Training Seminar for Staff and Franchisee (Operations, Administrative, & Marketing aspects of the business) 
ü  AVAILABLE Supply of Consumable Parts and Replacement Filters at Discounted Prices 
ü  FREE Initial Product Water Testing Results from an independent DOH-accredited laboratory 
ü  FREE 24-hour franchise assistance in Systems Operation and Product Quality
ü  FREE use of AQUALIPURE, QUALIPURE, or H2oK Brands

Optional Add-ons/Customizations
1) Stainless Washing Area                  Php 25,000
          -2x6 ft                                                                      2) Upgrade to 1000L/260 gallons Water Tank                                  Php  4,000/each
3) Badger Gallon Meter (USA)            Php  8,000

Free Items
Ø25 pieces Round 5-gallon containers
Ø25 pieces Slim 5-gallon containers
Ø1000 pieces Slim Big Cap Seals
Ø1000 pieces Slim Faucet Seals
Ø1000 pieces Slim Small Cap Seals
Ø1000 pieces Round Bag Form Seals
Ø1 piece Electric Heat Gun

Terms & Conditions

ELM Water System ensures delivery of safe, clean, and great-tasting water, which is the key to a healthy life. ELM specializes in supplying the market with the best water treatment products at very competitive prices.

Within Metro Manila
Ø50% Down Payment
Ø 50% Upon Delivery, Completion, & Turnover
Outside Metro Manila
Ø60% Down Payment
Ø 40% Upon Delivery, Completion, & Turnover
 (a) Form of Payment Accepted:
ØBank Deposit
ØDated Check/s

(b)  Out-of-Town Service Charge:
Ø Php500/ Service Technician per day
Ø Transportation from Manila to Destination
Round trip (Air/Sea/Land)
Ø Freight charges for the equipment
Ø Board & Lodging of Technicians
Allow seven (7) days maximum lead time after clearing of check payment/deposit. Installation, design and water store lay-out are free of charge; however, trucking cost, transportation, board & lodging of technicians are not included outside Metro Manila installation and are to be absorbed by the client.
     No additional cost on standard installations. Any alteration or custom installation required that will entail additional cost will be billed to the client. Electrical and Plumbing provisions must be readily available for standard installations. Additional costs for installation outside Metro Manila will be charged. ELM will train/educate water store staff (applicable to Water Refilling Station Stores).
     All prices are in Philippine Currency. All Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
     All prices are FOB, Manila, Philippines (unless otherwise stated).
Custom  Orders:
     We do accommodate requests for modifications of the water system. We try to adjust the water system setup considering the client’s taste, preference, and budget without affecting the quality of the product water. Please send us your specifications.
Water Systems Warranty:
     Equipment installed by ELM Water Systems are covered by twelve (12) months service warranty and twelve (12) months on parts from the date of turnover. Ten (10) Days Warranty on piping installation applies. Other equipment are subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty and which are hereby transferred to client without recourse to ELM. The product water of the system is rated to be safe and potable drinking water as per standards set by BFAD & DOH. Misuse, Tampering, Negligence of the proper system operation will VOID the Warranty.
Validity of Water System Quotation:
The package and its inclusions are valid only after thirty (30) days on the stated date of this quotation.

To contact this supplier:

Unit 7 Manggahan Commercial Townhomes,
Amang Rodriguez Ave., Pasig City 1611
+632-6468344    +632-2637683 /

 He can buy a trike with sidecar or a small truck and have a water delivery business


image courtesy of Crystal Clear

You can also apply for Franchise from Water for Business and Commercial Water Filtration System manufacturer like Crystal Clear 

This drinking water company, the Crystal Clear Drinking Water Franchise Fees and Package details can be found below.

Franchise Fee: Php 100,000 or more, depending on location
Total Franchise Cost / Investment: Php 800,000 to Php 1M depends on location
Required space: 25 square meters minimum

Package Includes the following services and materials:
Site selection assistance and approval
Store layout design
Initial inventory
Store Consumable
RO Verification equipment for membrane cleaning
Transfer of technology
Operations manual
Marketing support
Technical training
Sales and marketing
Pre and Post opening assistance
Continuous operational support



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