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Sunday, August 14, 2016

With 70 SQM Lot, You Can Build This Beautiful 7 Bedroom House Design

Building a new home to accommodate a growing family can be exciting. But with the high cost of land, it doesn't sound very affordable knowing that it would probably require a great space to build a decent looking house. 

If you have a 70 sqm lot, have thought that you could build a 7 bedroom house and make it look as nice and refreshing as this?


This contemporary house architectural design features a  two story house with attic and has an elevated frontage and garage. 
It also has a french sliding window design. On the second floor, instead of  going for a french  sliding window like on the ground floor it opted for a french style sliding door which added a small patio to the bedroom  making the room look bigger and more open. 
 Pictured above is the interior featuring the french sliding door/ window and small patio. 

The exterior design of the windows is decorated with stone cladding that complements the exterior paint color. The window  and doors used is the best quality upvc materials.



The contemporary house architecture of the living room features a french window with built-in glass display case on both sides decorated with dim lights to give a more elegant feel in the house.  

The flooring used is 600 x 600 ceramic tiles in neautral color.

Right across the living room is the kithen which is equipped with kitchen cabinet made of solid wood, a kitchen bar and counter top made of granite. 

You will also notice the elegant lighting fixtures used for the kitchen bar as well as the chandelier that lights up not only the living room but the part of the kitchen too. 

Pictured above is the kitchen. The solid granite counter gives plenty of space when working in the kitchen. The design also includes plenty of storage area for kitchen appliances and utensils.


Here is the floor plan of the house and more pictures of other room:

The house features two bathrooms with shower and bathtub. 

To give a lighter feel on the small space, the bathroom is designed to have glass divider between the toilet and shower area.

The entire bathroom walls and flooring are all tiled.

The attic includes a bedroom and storage space.

And so this is the house that was built in a 70 sqm lot. 
House area is 180 sqm
Total contract cost: Php 4.2 Million
Price per square meter: Php 23, 333.00 - Price may vary depending on material specification. 

Pictures are copyrighted and credited to Danilo Sarabosing, designer and contractor of this housing project.

For information you may contact the designer and contractor on the following:
Globe: 0917 7908055
Smart: 0947 3072821


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